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  1. sasnpipp

    Neutering/Spaying Glue or Stitches?

    What's the general opinion re: using glue/dissolvable stitches or regular stitches for piggy neuters? Is one method more 'guinea pig-savvy' than the other? sas Edited to clarify 'for neuters'.
  2. sasnpipp

    Help Midwest Rabbit Rescue win a shelter makeover!

    Thanks so much! They'll need it. :( All the bunny volunteers are doing dog, cat and bird stuff for their product reviews, if they review anything rabbit related, 50/50 chance it will be pulled. It's heartbreaking after all the work these folks have put in. Here's my new Groups sig...
  3. sasnpipp

    This Affects GPs Too, So...

    I posted this in Rabbits, but I just talked to the shelter in question, Midwest, and they also take in GPs and other small critters, the only restriction is space, so if they make it Top 20 in this 'shelter makeover' contest, they will be able to do a lot more...
  4. sasnpipp

    Help Midwest Rabbit Rescue win a shelter makeover!

    Help Fight Bunny Discrimination!! Hi all, We really need to try and help the only bunny rescue in the running secure a position in the Top 20 of the Zootoo Shelter Makeover contest. More volunteers to help spread the word this FINAL weekend would really help! If anybody can post the...
  5. sasnpipp

    Veg*n Vision: Lab Meat For All Carnivores

    Very interesting article, thanks for the link. I didn't realize cloning had gone this far and that it had been in the food chain at all. John, I agree wholeheartedly with everything! If banning live meat production ever happened (unlikely, IMO), I think you're right that it would be...
  6. sasnpipp

    Veg*n Vision: Lab Meat For All Carnivores

    Great points, Alusdra. I'll revise my 'vision' to focus more on fully formed mamals developed (cloned) with no brains. I think it will boil down to largely those in favor of stem cell research being the supporters. As for the cats, the food would be processed and the appropriate nutrients...
  7. sasnpipp

    Petco selling rabbits

    I believe the supplier is Marshall Farms, the pet store chain -- not sure if it's Petco or Petsmart -- don't actually do the surgery, they're buying already speutered bunnies from a bunny mill. I shudder to think of the mortality rate. I said this in another thread -- the PR spin says...
  8. sasnpipp

    Veg*n Vision: Lab Meat For All Carnivores

    A rabbit forum member just posted a sad note about 'feeders' advertised on Craig's List. I'm on a rabbit forum, so I'm obviously a fan and vehemently opposed to this. My knee-jerk (and usual response) is to make the market uncomfortable for these sellers and snake owners, but when I think...
  9. sasnpipp

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    Ah, there you go again. Using the phrase 'ignoring it' is not at all accurate, not at all true. The PM stated: "My second time around trying to register, I noticed the ‘no links’ warning, so I guess I’m guilty." This was long after the posts were made and my account was temporarily...
  10. sasnpipp

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    LOL! My whole point is my site is very similar, it's certainly not the opposite. I've been looking around, this site has genetics talk, breeds discussion, unplanned births are supported when needed. Our Mods may answer questions about gestation periods and potential health issues, but they're...
  11. sasnpipp

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    I fail to see where the discussion has been about this board at all. This 'chat' was initiated by this site's objections to MY site, I've never objected to anything on this site. I've been defending and explaining my own policies, not attacking anybody else's. :) I'm having to continue to...
  12. sasnpipp

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    Originally Posted by VoodooJoint We are aware that breeders will continue to breed but we refuse to jump on the "let's all get along" bandwagon... I have to address just one last thing... Heaven forbid having a pet-friendly site promoting peace and tranquility. ;) But I do find it a little...
  13. sasnpipp

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    Heh! lol Mommy, that's almost the exact line I always use. If I could figure out how, I'd have it on a macro. Our rabbits site is far from breeder supportive, we just recognize that the greatest evil is irresponsible rabbit owners, be they breeders or pet owners. Both are equally likely to...
  14. sasnpipp

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    I just had the link in my intro and rabbit link request thread deleted, I'm an Admin at a large rabbit site deemed 'breeder friendly', so I thought I'd throw my two cents into the mix. This is a slightly edited version of a PM sent to the person here who pulled the link. A reference in the...
  15. sasnpipp

    Rabbit forum

    I think XXXXXX is the biggest, it's very heavy on ER medical help, nutrition and behaviour info (some very rabbit-savvy members including bunny pros), and big on rescue work, and also has fun stuff like photos and bunny chat. (I'm an Admin, though, so I may be a little biased). ;) sas
  16. sasnpipp

    Canada Good, cheap hay for B.C resident-where to find

    Hay Vancouverites! Craigslist says someone is giving away 10 free bales of hay in Kitsilano. Really wish I had a truck! One thing to watch out for: I'm not sure about Vanderveens, their Timothy hay has been great, but I don't think it's always Canadian, so make sure you ask. Hay...
  17. sasnpipp

    Hi, Great Site!

    I'm a bunny slave at the moment, but I was a cavy fanatic in an earlier incarnation. I had Peruvians, my first pet after my Old English Sheepdog. I figured they were little sheepdogs with tiny poops. ;) I initially just got one little girl, but she suddenly popped out two more little girls --...
  18. sasnpipp

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Hi, I'd love to get any updates to this thread. We have a ton of UK people over at XXXXXX trying to find NIC cubes or the equivalent. EDIT: Oops, I'm a dork, I didn't get to the last page! I'll go through the rest of the posts, now. :rolleyes: (Meanwhile, Cavy and Bunny people can unite to...