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  1. ajax75

    When Can I?

    LOL no, I am not, although have been asked before! My name is Angela Jackson, and im called AJ and Jacks at work, so it sort of mingled together!!
  2. ajax75

    When Can I?

    Thanks for your reply stubblychin! Yes had them sexed independantly from the pet shop, and both girlies still! the cage is 60cms width x 120cm length x 40cm height. Will read now about the minimum requirements. Having a larger run built at the weekend so will see if I need to make the cage...
  3. ajax75

    When Can I?

    Purchased my two female guinea pigs yesterday, they have a large indoor cage and spent one day hiding away from me in their little house. Overnight came out and left me little presents all around their cage! But at least they had come out! Today after leaving them some fresh veg they have both...