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  1. Amalee

    Conditions New Addition: Elderly Harry

    Hey guys! I haven't written in awhile. I rescued a guinea pig 2 weeks ago. He is estimated 6 years old, which my vet confirmed as well. He got a COMPLETE check up. It's a sad, sad case of serious neglect. He's been alone his whole life, and only fed fruit loop pellets and grass from their...
  2. Amalee

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Charlie - Baytril & Some questions

    I got Charlie almost 2 months ago. I do not know his age but my vet and I estimate 1.5 years old based on his nails. When I got him, I already knew he had a URI and took him to my vet immediately. He got a full checkup, along with multiple X-Rays to rule out any other problems. He was on...
  3. Amalee

    Vet [Anthony] Yellow/off-white lump on tear ducts.

    2 and 1/2 months ago I adopted Anthony from a rescue. The only apparent health issues he had were a fungal infection and his nails weren't cut. His previous owner said he is 3 years old. Something that both the vet and I overlooked when I first took him (first week I had him) is that he has some...
  4. Amalee

    General It's been one month, no longer in quarantine! (Branson/Anthony)

    One month ago I adopted Branson(3y) (renamed Anthony) from Wayside Waifs. Since then he has blossomed. He is the most talkative piggy, and runs around a lot. I'm surprised by how fast he has become comfortable with me. Then again, I suspected he had a good previous owner which probably...
  5. Amalee

    How would you deal with this? (Hay weight discrepancies)

    I'm not sure if this is a ''heated'' enough topic for this area, mods please move it if it's not. PSA: I won't be naming any companies or any hints towards where I got this hay. So, I recently bought 20 pounds of hay. I'm very selective with my hay and I've bought from a lot of places online...
  6. Amalee

    Behavior Hilarious thing my guinea pig did...

    Alright. So, before I tell you guys what happened, I want to let you know that I'm a horribly cruel mother to my pigs and occasionally tease them with food that isn't there (but will be soon!) Which is why this happened... I was getting ready to give them their daily pellets and I shook the bag...
  7. Amalee

    ~Looking~ for male pig - Kansas City, U.S.

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a male guinea pig to accompany my current solo boar. I've actually been looking for months and have only come up empty handed. I'm willing to drive up to an hour away but I need an owner to cooperate with me: I need pictures (video if possible) of your pig and living...
  8. Amalee

    Joy New addition to our family!

    Meet Walter.
  9. Amalee

    Vet Costs Pig with Bladder Stone (urgent)...

    Hey guys. I have a pig that's very sick with a bladder stone. My vet's personal opinion is that he is in minimal risk of dying prior to his surgery currently but that he will just be very uncomfortable until then. I don't want him to be in any pain longer than he has to. His vet bills so far are...
  10. Amalee

    Vet Looking for vet in Kansas City, Kansas.

    Hi guys. I'm sorry if this isn't in the right section, it seemed the most appropriate. None of my pets are sick! No worries. I just moved across the country and I'm looking for a vet. I wrote down many different veterinary clinics to call and none of them even got passed my third question, the...
  11. Amalee

    Flags Definite breeder! Please flag.

  12. Amalee

    Cleaning Fleece Cleaning Broom [Recommendation]

    Hey guys! :) I've spent some time trying to find a good way to clean my fleece. You know what I mean; the hay gets stuck, poops get thrown around, dusty hay won't come off. My most recent purchase has been perfect and I'd just like to share it with you all. Here's a link to the product! - OXO...
  13. Amalee

    Size (Help!) With bedding/litter pan

    Hello. Merry Christmas to everyone. :) I've been noticing that my Guinea Pig is adamant about going to the bathroom in his hay. His hay would get moved around his cage and he'd pee on it wherever it ended up. This made his cage really messy and unhealthy. I tried out putting his hay in a small...
  14. Amalee

    Website Difficulties

    Sorry if this is the wrong area, don't know where else or who to say this to. I'm using Google Chrome and Guineapigcages.com is ridiculously slow (It's fine on Mozilla Firefox,) and I can't go through photos properly like I can on Mozilla Firefox (the next/back buttons) & the E-Mail you have...
  15. Amalee

    Loss Need some advice

    I had two boars, and yesterday my best friend Ron passed away. I'm very very upset about it, but I'm conscious to the fact that my other Guinea Pig is now a lone boar. The idea of getting another is very painful for me, but I know it's in his best interest. Should I take the extra time to mourn...
  16. Amalee

    Medications "All Natural" Flea Control - Opinions?

    Hello. My local feed store had a container of "Flea Free" and my grandmother purchased it for our two dogs. I'd like to know your thoughts on the safety and effectiveness of the product. My Guinea Pigs are not infested, however I'd love to use this instead for them as well instead of the...
  17. Amalee

    Coroplast Alternatives Corrugated plastic sheets help

    I've always had a big cage and a smaller upper level, but the shower curtain isn't really stable enough for me and I want something cleaner looking; So, I've been looking into corrugated plastic sheets - http://corrugatedplastics.net/ However, I have no idea exactly what size to buy, and I don't...
  18. Amalee


    My guinea pig Ron, is almost a year old. I won't lie and say he isn't my favorite, my baby. He has always been healthy and thriving. Never any medical issues. I noticed some coughing, and took him to the vet and got his chest X-Rayed; He's been living with a collapsed lung, and he's getting...