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  1. Butterfly88

    Chat Happy autumn!!!

    Adorable! Happy autumn.
  2. Butterfly88

    Chat Petition against giving animals as gifts

    I signed!!!!
  3. Butterfly88

    Veg*n Gluten and Soy Free Vegan Protien

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Butterfly88

    Chat The Question Game

    Take the million, no guarantee I'd be able to finish the scavenger hunt. What's your favorite guinea pig breed?
  5. Butterfly88

    Chat The Question Game

    wear shorts in the cold would you rather be a guinea pig or a dog?
  6. Butterfly88

    Veg*n Gluten and Soy Free Vegan Protien

    I used to be fully vegan but had to stop when I developed gluten and soy intolerances. Tofu, seitan, and lots of vegan meats have soy and/or gluten in them. Any other recommended sources of protein? Thanks