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  1. Wodentoad

    Blog My sweet son!

    I've got a lot to do today. I have my son, who is two, helping me. Already today, he picked up his letters, and is picking up his blocks, and helped me to feed the birds. It won't be long until he's feeding cilantro to the piggies... well, maybe a little longer. He's such a great kid. I'm so...
  2. Wodentoad

    Blog Still fresh and clean!

    It's day, what, four on this fleece? Because my toddler was sick, I spent the morning battling anything and everything that even MIGHT smell bad, swept the fleece, swept the carpet, washed the dishes, took out the trash (took out the bathroom trash too) and washed the icky clothes. This plus...
  3. Wodentoad

    Blog Naming out of love

    There is something that's been bothering me. I'm sensitive to names because of my own history, but as a long time dog owner, I know that dogs do feel stress when given a derisive name, not from the meaning, but from your feelings about the dog that resulted in it. I may think certain names like...
  4. Wodentoad

    Blog The Sweet Smell of Clean!

    I changed the fleece last night. I was reluctant because I had this image of having to be a circus performer to change it. I'm really a ditz some times. You see, I made the cage so that four panels along the side can be removed, and with that small fix, I neither had to become a contortionist or...
  5. Wodentoad

    Blog Mice

    We have mice. Not the kind that live in cages. I have yarn, pets, and a toddler, so if a few natural deterrents don't dissuade them, I will feel little qualm about hiring a professional. My family comes first. In other news, I've fixed my shopping list to give my boys a bit more variety than...
  6. Wodentoad

    Blog Finally!

    Last night, we finally achieved piggy peace. It's taken a month, but at last, Zane has allowed bear to eat and drink without harassment. Bear's looking a little shaggy, though. I need to weigh him, but I don't know how informative this will be. I think a little rearranging is still necessary. I...
  7. Wodentoad

    Blog First bloggety blog post.

    Well, I know who top pig is now. Zane has taken over the new top floor, leaving Duke and Bear to roam the bottom free and easy. It's time to clean for the day, and I need to drop some more hay in there. The rollin' hay ball seems to be working just fine, but they seem to prefer the loose hay...
  8. Wodentoad

    Bad Guinea Pig Info site

    I was looking for information on breeds to identify my Zane a little better, when I came across this (Link removed as it contains info on breeding)site. Atrocious. I could not find contact info for the webmaster or the company, but the amount of wrong info particularly in the housing section was...
  9. Wodentoad

    Zhu Zhu Pets

    Have any of you seen these? They're little furry, magnetic, random hamster things that have multiple pieces like a habitrail. :love:Awesome.:love: I saw this and immediately thought of the "I have to have a pet, they're just like a toy!" kids. What do y'all think? Heck, it'd be a great to stop...
  10. Wodentoad

    Dominance Angsty Pig

    So I think my middle pig, Zane, is having :melodrama "teen angst." Bear is three years old, and lost his cage mate who was a couple of weeks younger. We adopted an 8-month old Zane, and his 6 week old friend Duke, now 2 months old. Duke has made fast friends with Bear and is curious as a--well...
  11. Wodentoad


    We bought him three days after the death of our first girl, Isabella, who was with us for 6.5 years. Rascal only had three loving years. His loss was sudden with no symptoms. He is survived by his cage mate and best bud Bear, who is not taking it well, but with lots of cuddles and the promise...