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  1. naser080291

    C&C 2x6 c&c europe

    ohhhh coooool thx a lot btw is this the one that you got coz i want the same height as yours Trixie Joy Small Pet Indoor Run - 8 Sided : Great Deals on Small Pet Runs & Fencing at zooplus
  2. naser080291

    C&C 2x6 c&c europe

    hello guys im from belgium btw i wanted to know if any one of you guys sell me a storage cube coz here in belgium i cant find any if your from europe we can talk im paypal ready ill pay the orig price and the shipping fee... i cant order at ebay and the shipping cost is so so high us to belgium...
  3. naser080291

    Belgium need C&C cage where to buy

    candyapple thx for the advice but im really passionate about the c&c cage ... if any one can buy it and ship it to me i am paypal ready
  4. naser080291

    Belgium need C&C cage where to buy

    ive been searching for already 1 week now for a c&c cage lookin at the internet but no ones ship here to belgium that sux :( can any belgian people give me some advice where to get a C&C cages :( i really need it i got 4 piggies and i only have 1 cage a normal cage not that big its kinda pretty...