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  1. Ithilgil

    Fleece Would this work as bedding?

    I found a fleece blanket online and was wondering if this could be used as a fleece bedding. [Scotch Plaids - Orange/Blue] Soft Coral Fleece Throw Blanket (79 by 84.7 inches): Amazon.ca: Home & Garden It's large enough for me to make two beddings out of it. And it's cheaper than my other...
  2. Ithilgil

    Fleece Hand washing. Help?

    Recently, someone had complained about the fur on their clothes after washing them in the washing machine, which I had used to wash the fleece and towels, and told me to hand wash my cavy stuff instead. Either in the sink or in a bucket outside. I'm planning on washing it in the sink, especially...
  3. Ithilgil

    Vegetables Pepper salad

    I dice (both medium [1st segment of thumb] and small [1st segment of pinky] sized) 1 1/2 green peppers, 1/2 yellow pepper, 1/2 orange pepper, and 1/2 small red pepper. Then I just mix it all up and put them in a bag. When I feed them, I merely give my girls a handful of pepper pieces. I know...
  4. Ithilgil

    Cage cleaning during winter

    I just got my girls in the beginning of this summer, so I'm not well-advised on the winter cage cleaning. How do you get rid of the hay on the fleece? Brushing just isn't good enough and I don't think shaking it outside would be a good idea -- 1) it really wouldn't look good on the snow, and 2)...
  5. Ithilgil

    Other Cage cleaner vs. 50-50 vinegar

    I've gotten a hamster before I had my cavies, so I didn't know about the 50-50 vinegar solution back then and bought Super Pet Clean Cage instead. Now, it's almost used up, so I was wondering if I buy another cage cleaner or use 50-50 vinegar to clean my hammie's cage. Unlike my cavies, he...
  6. Ithilgil

    Behavior I'm happy, but also a bit worried

    I went out of town yesterday morning and came back this afternoon. Before I left, I refilled their water bottles, gave my girls one day's worth of veggies and pellets, and filled their hay rack (made from one grid tied to another one) completely to the brim. When I came back, their cage was a...
  7. Ithilgil

    Could I flush hay down the toilet?

    Before, I've been vacuuming up their hay and poo via the central vacuum in the house. But I've found that it's clogging / making mold in the vat where all the vacuumed-thing go. Other than buying a hand-vac, I've thought of flushing the poo and hay down the toilet. But, would this potentially...
  8. Ithilgil

    Happy and Proud: Cage revamped!

    After several long hours, I've finally finished revamping my C&C cage. Yay! (The following pictures don't have my girls in them. I wanted to take photos of a clean cage first.) I've added a storage area underneath the cage. Luckily for me, I had just enough grids and connecters, though I wish...
  9. Ithilgil

    Frustrated Cavies are pulling up and burrowing under fleece!

    In the past few days, for some unknown reason, Robin has started the habit of pulling up fleece and Rhode has started the habit of burrowing under the fleece. I tried to place ceramic objects (don't have enough tiles, and definitely don't have any bricks or large rocks) at the corner areas...
  10. Ithilgil

    Hay Pet store vs. Online

    Both at the pet store and online, I've found 9lb of Oxbow orchard hay. Pet store: 39.54 / 9lb (inc tax) 0.27 / oz Online: 53.51 / 9lb (inc tax and delivery) 0.37 / oz The ones at the pet store is cheaper, but I've heard from the forum that the quality of the hay at the pet stores are...
  11. Ithilgil

    Crusty Eyes Is this considered the start of a crusty eye?

    I just found that there are two small flakes of white, one above and one below, Robin's right eye. Is that a sign of a crusty eye? Or just some of the white excretions that she hadn't managed to wipe away? The pictures aren't really clear because she keeps moving her head. It's the two white...
  12. Ithilgil

    Carefresh Carefresh brown vs. Carefresh white/coloured

    So, far I've only been using Carefresh ultra since that's the only Carefresh bedding available at the petstore I go to. However, recently, I had found an even closer pet supply store. That store includes the brown Carefresh, which is cheaper than the white/coloured Carefresh bedding. I want to...
  13. Ithilgil

    Other pellet difference

    Hi. I was wondering if it's alright to feed my hammie guinea pig pellets.
  14. Ithilgil

    "1 rabbit running around the barn that is no good for anything"

    I just found this ad, and I just got so mad. Cages / Remaining rabbits - Guelph Pet Accessories - Kijiji Guelph Canada. Judging by the cages, this person is obviously a breeder, a bad one too. :yuck: Just thinking about all those poor bunnies cramped together in those tiny cages makes me want...
  15. Ithilgil

    Keeping Cool Swimming. Yes or no?

    I've read that it isn't good to bath guinea pigs too often because it may dry their skin. But does swimming in shallow water (I guess it can't really be called swimming if it's shallow, but I'd rather not have them risk drowning) during the hotter days count? Is there a limit to how many...
  16. Ithilgil

    Where do you bury your pets?

    When I was young, I had wanted to bury my turtles in our backyard, but my mom was really strict about not burying animals anywhere near our house. So, my poor turtles ended up in a garbage bag. Later, we moved into an apartment and had hamsters, who also ended up in a garbage bag when they...
  17. Ithilgil

    General Bugs in cage. Help.

    I have found bugs in my girls' cage twice these past few weeks. And twice is more than enough. One was found in their hay when I was cleaning their cage. I don't know what it was, but it was white, about 1 cm long and 2 mm wide. It also seemed to have pinchers (SP?) at the back and antennaes at...
  18. Ithilgil

    Behavior Different Breeds and Their Tempers

    I was at the pet store and a lady talked about how her dog was a mix between a mild tempered breed and a hot tempered breed, so I was thinking whether it's the same for guinea pigs. I also remember reading posts where people mentioned "Aby-tudes". My girls are Abbys, so I definitely agree with...
  19. Ithilgil

    Hay oxbow vs. kaytee vs. kneedeep & orchard vs. timothy

    The local petstore sells 3 brands of hay: Oxbow Kaytee Knee Deep Farm (Knee Deep Farms) (this one includes timothy hay and apple tiwgs) In terms of overall price per ounce for timothy hay: Kaytee < Oxbow < Knee Deep In terms of the overall price for Oxbow orchard grass and timothy hay per...
  20. Ithilgil

    Canada Coroplast in Guelph

    Does anyone know where I can buy coroplast in Guelph, Ontario? I know that there are some stores in downtown Guelph, but I'd have to take at least 3 buses to get there. I live southwest of University of Guelph and south of Stone Road Mall.