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  1. ginniemama

    New pigtures of Rosco and I!

    What a great picture!! So adorable!
  2. ginniemama

    Happy Birthday envisionary!

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!!! happy biiiiiiirthday dear envisionary!!! Happy birthday to you!! Wheek Wheek!!
  3. ginniemama

    My Sister's Baby

    What a little darlin! What a sweet bundle of joy!
  4. ginniemama

    Happy birthday daft!

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy it!
  5. ginniemama

    Building Tunnel System to Attach to Walls!

    i know what you mean. Since my hubby passed away I have had to try to figure out how to do all kinds of things! If I lived closer I would come help but there are a few states between us!! Good luck and the project sounds awsome! You are making my mind wander in all kinds of different directions...
  6. ginniemama

    Need help picking a name.

    I like Duke. It is a D name and has a renaissance feel to it that would work with your castle. Good Luck!!
  7. ginniemama

    They no longer ask why....

    That is just the cutest pic I have seen in a long time!! How sweet is that?? awwww!!
  8. ginniemama

    Building Tunnel System to Attach to Walls!

    I cut some grids/shelving and I used a very small hack saw but it really was not a hack saw. It was smaller and easier to use then I used wire cutters and was able to cut the shelcing/grids very easily. The trick is don't try to shave it down all in one place. use the saw just about 5 times (5...
  9. ginniemama

    My newly remodled cage

    Good point! I was thinking about that too the more I looked at it. Great cage though!
  10. ginniemama

    Two Cages?

    My hats off to both you and your sons mom for thinking of your sons and the piggies feelings! It is wonderful to see that you guys are working together on this! I think the guinea will be fine becuase he/she will be able to spend time with your son no matter which home he is. 10 thumbs up to you!
  11. ginniemama

    My newly remodled cage

    What a great cage! I bet they are happy as can be! Great job!
  12. ginniemama

    pregnant or not pregnate....that is the ?.

    I really want to keep them both. I may have to save up the money to get him neutered so he will be by himself but a little while. (if he is a he) I will do a search through the threads on this forum and see what I can find about what age is good to get him neutered etc. Thanks all!
  13. ginniemama

    pregnant or not pregnate....that is the ?.

    i love my new piggies! I love all the piggies! Well, I asked my boys if they will help me out and hold them for me so I can look/take a picture and I think the black and white is a boy. I still think the tri color is a girl. i can not be 100% positive so I will take them to the vet and see if...
  14. ginniemama

    pregnant or not pregnate....that is the ?.

    Okay, here are my new babies!! I have to figure out if they are boys or girls. I think the tricolored is a girl. Not so sure about the black and white baby. I have been to all the sexing pages, they just wiggle around so much it is hard to tell. Then I have to think of names. DSC02345.jpg -...
  15. ginniemama

    pregnant or not pregnate....that is the ?.

    My baby has Babies!! Sage gave birth in the middle of the night last night to 2 darling angels!! I think one is a girl and the other one I am not sure yet. Every time I pick him/her up he/she wheeks like crazy!! I am sooooooo excited!! I left my camera at work but I will be posting pigtures...
  16. ginniemama

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum. How did you get so many guineas? What size/type cage do you have? You must have had a hard time finding names for 25!
  17. ginniemama


    Welcome to the forum!! You will find alot of useful information on this site. Maybe you can print out some material about how guineas are herding animals and there really should be 2 or more and show it to your parents? Just a thought!
  18. ginniemama

    Finally building a C&C cage!!!

    We cannot wait for pictures!! Good luck to you!
  19. ginniemama

    Having a Bad Time.

    Although our situations are very different and we do not know each other I can honestly say I understand the way you are feeling. I have a fear of being alone. I do not let people in and I really do not have any friends. My children are busy sculpting their lives and I am struggling at home...
  20. ginniemama


    hehhehehe!! you should have seen us trying to get that picture done. I was a Realtor and that was the picture I used for all my ads. The caption read "MOM found us a great home, she can do the same for you!" You see I saved my dogs from the shelter. Romeo is the black lab and Juliet is the...