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  1. cspice2

    Hello All!

    Pigtures of Minnie & Charlotte. Charlotte is white & tan, Minnie is brown w/white. Thanks!
  2. cspice2

    Hello All!

    Thanks so much! I'm really glad I found this forum. We are looking forward to bonding with them. I will take some pigtures soon! As soon as they settle down long enough for a pic. ;)
  3. cspice2

    Hello All!

    Awww.... I can't wait for them to recognize us and show that they are happy to see us. Thanks for the advice!
  4. cspice2

    Hello All!

    Hi, My name is Carole and I am (we) are new cavy owners. We bought Charlotte at around noon on Saturday and returned 2 hours later and purchased Minnie. They are pets for my 9-year old, but they are so adorable, I'm hooked. We are getting used to them and they are getting used to us. I'm...