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  1. trexgorawrrrrr

    Photos Happy Halloween!

    Mocha just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Stay safe tonight!
  2. trexgorawrrrrr

    Bedding What do you use for your pig's kitchen?

    Most have a kitchen area for their pigs to catch hay debris and pees/poo. What do you use, do you like it, how often do you change it, any additional comments... I originally used a bedding that is recycled newspaper, and it was okay... Now I've been using wood stove pellets because of how...
  3. trexgorawrrrrr

    Taking SIX pigs in Thurs. in IL - need homes!

    The people that have the guinea pigs come with the same ol story of buying missexed pigs from a petstore. The result is having four babies. Now the family is moving into a non pet friendly apt in a FEW days with no where for the pigs to go. I reached out because I wouldn't want to imagine where...
  4. trexgorawrrrrr

    Neutering/Spaying Benefits of neutering?

    I was considering having my two baby boys neutered. Juno gave birth to three babies (2boys) 21 days ago (I know, seperated already.) I have been considering getting them neutered, but am wondering what the benefits are. Right now I have them in our "cleaning out the cage" cage until I finish...
  5. trexgorawrrrrr

    Hay Where do you get your hay from?

    I have 5 piggies (3babies) over here, and buying in stores is just not cutting it anymore. I am looking at getting KM, even though their shipping is SO expensive... It's more expensive than the hay. It would cost me about 50$ for 45lbs. Which I've heard can last longer than 6months. I have 5...
  6. trexgorawrrrrr

    Nutrition Young&Older pigs in the same cage?

    I buy Oxbow pellets, and alfalfa/timothy hay. I don't know what to do other than mix them together. Right now I have Mocha, and Juno who are about a year or so old (not sure.) Then we have the babies who are about 10 days old. I've been mixing alfalfa and timothy hay together. I also have been...
  7. trexgorawrrrrr

    Popcorning I've got some happy guinea pigs.

    I have been awake for the last couple hours, haven't been able to sleep... All of a sudden I hear a bunch of wheeking and running, so I turn to see Mocha popcorning like crazy. She was running all over the place, doing laps, and even was literally rolling over/rolling on her back on a cuddle cup...
  8. trexgorawrrrrr

    C&C How many can fit?

    Right now I have a 2x5 C&C cage with two adults and three 3day old babies. I'm still not sure wether or not we're keeping them all. I think there are two girls, and one boy. If there's only one boy i'll probably get him neutered to have a small herd of 5. If I end up with 3 girls, and two boys...
  9. trexgorawrrrrr

    Babies everyone, we finally have babies!!!!

    Everyone I cannot believe, I am so over thrilled right now. What an ordeal I'll tell you! At first I had no idea she had just delivered. Their c&c cage is in my dinning room, right behind my living room. I was walking into the kitchen, and had notice a little blood on Juno's behind. I called...
  10. trexgorawrrrrr

    Please help! Drinking LOTS of water??

    Juno should be giving birth anyday... I talked to the people we got her from, and their other two females already gave birth. One did last week, and the other 2 weeks ago. They were all together around the same time, so I'm thinking they should have gotten pregnant around the same time. I'm not...
  11. trexgorawrrrrr

    Blog So Nervous

    It was funny reading my first blog about being nervous with Mocha, but I'm about 100% more nervous this time. Especially since I can feel them moving like crazy, and she's huge! I'm so scared for her. I hope she has a safe delivery. I really don't know how old she is, so I'm really going to be...
  12. trexgorawrrrrr

    Introductions So so so so excited, TWO new additions :D

    You guys have no idea... :eye-poppi I have been looking for a friend for my female guinea pig for quite some time... I've been holding out for the perfect pig in need, and saw an add on craigslist for two pigs tonight. Normally when I message people, they're already gone. But she still has them...
  13. trexgorawrrrrr

    Hi everyone (:

    So, I figured it was time for me to post a real intro since I've been here a year lol My name is Heather, I am 21, and a full time college student. I am studying early childhood education, and am a jr. I already have two associate degrees, and cannot wait until I can become a teacher. Although...
  14. trexgorawrrrrr

    Rehoming homes4babies -advice

    Well I have a pregnant piggy. Here's the backstory - https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/pregnancy-babies/57460-about-90-sure.html Anyways, I have posted on craigslist about what I'm looking for in a guinea pig parent. Not specifics, but I have questions listed, and said to specifically look...
  15. trexgorawrrrrr

    Blog First blog

    I'm not really sure what goes into a blog, or if people will even actually read this! but I guess I'll share a little about Mocha. Mocha is my female GP, who is I'm guessing about 5months old now. I've had her now for 51 days, and am patiently waiting for her babies. I am about 99% sure she is...
  16. trexgorawrrrrr

    Behavior Do your piglets display any of these behaviors?

    Well I think that my guinea pig has become very comfortable of being around me. Yesterday she fell asleep in my lap, and today she was all stretched out just talking away. I'm not really sure what you call it, but almost like a constant chattering or talking. She just makes a bunch of noises...
  17. trexgorawrrrrr

    General Should I leave Mocha at home for the weekend? Or bring her?

    Well I will be going back to my home town this weekend. I'll be leaving tomorrow night, and getting back sunday. If I left her home, I could have my dad check on her saturday... But the thing is that I'm pretty sure she's pregnant. If you go to the pregnancy section, my thread is 'about 90%...
  18. trexgorawrrrrr

    About 90% sure...

    Well I am pretty sure that I have a pregnant piggie on my hands. I got her from someone off craigslist who had an accidental litter. Although I wanted to adopt more than on, she was the last one. They told me they had separated the males from females, but looks like my little Mocha is pregnant...
  19. trexgorawrrrrr

    General What food label and grade of sand paper do I need?

    A local mom and pop's type store carries oxbow, which I'm pretty excited about. I was looking at their pellets, and there were three kinds: organic, performance, and quisuine. Now, I'm not sure what kind to buy? Could someone please help me with that? Right now I have a sow, who is about 3mo if...
  20. trexgorawrrrrr

    Allergies If I'm allergic to rats, is it likely I will be the same with guinea pigs?

    My question is the title of the thread basically. I had guinea pigs growing up without any problems, and would love to add a few small & furry family members. I recently had my last rattie PTS due to old age. I had female rats for a year before adding boys. After I added boys my allergies...