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  1. Sweet Pea

    To continue with Guinea pigs or not?

    I am in the same Boat..My allergies started getting worse and I thought it was the hay or the bedding etc so made some changes But I didn't change. I went to the Allergy speciallist and told her all my animals...Guinea pigs, Rabbits,degu,hamster cats. Well Come to find out I am at the...
  2. Sweet Pea

    I brought my pigs to the Vet today...they have sinus infections

    Thanks for the info I'll watch closesely....My vet said it's a medicine that can take longer to get piggie better but will do the trick....they are on .5ml 2 times a day.
  3. Sweet Pea

    I brought my pigs to the Vet today...they have sinus infections

    I just got some chlor-palm for my pigs today it sure smells like marshmellow how does it work? One piggie has pneumonia the other not yet but they are both on it cause my little holly died from it.
  4. Sweet Pea

    My poor little Caramel

    So you all know my little girl Holly past away last weekend well wed I noticed Caramel my Girl with arthristis lost her squeak and was showing the same symptoms just not as bad so I knew her arthritis was acting up started her back on Metcam I guess that's what saved her took her to the vet...
  5. Sweet Pea

    RIP Holly

    Well I just wanted to let everyone know my bestest Girl Holly Passed away suddenly on sunday morning. I went in that morning to give them their treat before I left to run my 1/2 Marathon around 6:30am. She came running out to get her treats like she usually does. When I got home My BF said he...
  6. Sweet Pea

    SO had to seperate

    Well I have three girls and the newest pig I adopted is actually the mom to one of my 2 year olds so she is about 3-4. She is alot smaller and my sick pig who has arthritis has started picking on her soooo bad she did before but not to bad now everyday I see her trying to nipple at her ears...
  7. Sweet Pea

    Losing hair around eyes.

    Yes she is on metcam now and seems to be doing better and only 2 days... The hair loss around her eyes the vet says might be stress related I just need to keep an eye out or an allergy to the shavings....I am switching over to fleece bedding tomorrow. Oh she was 2 in december.
  8. Sweet Pea

    Losing hair around eyes.

    Well we are back from the vet and we had to get x rays...Caramel has arthritis in her back legs.
  9. Sweet Pea

    Losing hair around eyes.

    Yes I will let you know as soon as I get home. Someone had mentioned they can have mini strokes I sure hope that's not it cause she is only 2.
  10. Sweet Pea

    Losing hair around eyes.

    Well I am happy to say the vet is going to squeeze me in today since it's an emergency. I just hope she will be ok she is only 2 and leads a wonderful life not sure how this could have happened. She dosen't seem to be able to walk with heer back legs now.
  11. Sweet Pea

    Losing hair around eyes.

    It's not mites they have had them before this is different and I checked all three pigs the other two have no sign either. The earliest I can get to the vet is thursday.:sad:
  12. Sweet Pea

    Losing hair around eyes.

    On of my piggies is developing a crust around her eyes and the fur is falling out any idea what would cause this? She also seems when she walks to kinda lay downa nd move sideways....She is eating well drinking and going tot he bathroom and still peeping any ideas?
  13. Sweet Pea

    WHat is this??

    Yeah did wipe her face before hand. I have just never seent hat before. Her eyes are clear . I will keep an eye one her. On a side note the introduction is going very well a little chattering a little nose kissing and nowCaramel and Lucille are laying beside Holly I will post some pic after...
  14. Sweet Pea

    WHat is this??

    I am introducing my three piggies together after the new girl went threw Quarantine etc and she is a healthy girl. Well they are all in their play area together and my Lucille started having white liquid like Milk coming from her eyes. That has NEVER happened before. Can anyone tell me what this...
  15. Sweet Pea

    Here is Holly my new Girl!!

    Here is Holly she will be joining her sisters next monday.
  16. Sweet Pea

    New Additions to the family!!

    Well I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season. I just wanted to let you all know I got another piggie her name is Holly. I will post up a pigture as soon as I get home. I also got two adorable Dwarf Hamsters Goerge and Ralph.:D
  17. Sweet Pea

    Question about hidy house?

    Does anyone elses piggie not like the castle style houses? I have a castle one and the round shaped one. Every time I go in to their room the castle is upside down. Thank you
  18. Sweet Pea

    Thank You C&C for the Cage idea!!!!

    Well we decided to add a second level to Caramel and Lucille's C&C cage. We want to thank you guys for the idea. Was a little tricky trying to figure out how to cat proff it but we did it.
  19. Sweet Pea

    Thought it was mites. It was stress.

    My piggies were losing their hair and had alot of white flakes I treated them for mites. It didn't seem to work. I moved some of my other animals outside and it went away. I think they were stressed from the other critters. Now they 100% happy piggies
  20. Sweet Pea

    Not sure what to do?

    Revolution yes sorry I mentioned the wrong one. We are off in about 1 hour. I'll let you know how we make out.