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  1. BeckyBoo

    UK Coroplast

    I was going to reply similarly. I saw this in Wickes, and it's not the right thing really. Sorry!
  2. BeckyBoo

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Hi Miss-S. I ordered cubes from B&Q recently. Had LOTS of confusion with them but did eventually get the cubes. I waited 3-4 days longer than the delivery date I was given before going to the shop again, and was told they should be there the next day. I went back the next day and was told...
  3. BeckyBoo

    UK Funky Fleece?

    So how is Purdy?!
  4. BeckyBoo

    UK Addiction

    I am addicted to cuddles from my piggies. Bubble in particular gives the best cuddles. She snuggles down on my chest, tucks her head under my chin, and moulds herself to me. If I fail to stroke her enough, she wheeks louder and louder until I pay more attention. If anyone was to offer me a...
  5. BeckyBoo

    UK Funky Fleece?

    You posted that on the 17th, 17+3=20. Today is the 20th. So do you have her? Or is the big day tomorrow?!
  6. BeckyBoo

    UK Funky Fleece?

    Well, they charge by the metre, for the towelling and fleece, and then add on 30% of the whole order. Fleece: £4/metre for the solid colours Towelling: £5.99/metre I am going to source my own bath sheets and post them to them to be made up, since this will save me about £24. Also, they...
  7. BeckyBoo

    UK Funky Fleece?

    Um... well this is the UK thread. Walmart hasn't made it over here yet!
  8. BeckyBoo

    UK Funky Fleece?

    I'm ordering a double layer of fleece (just the ordinary fleece they do, in turquoise) with a double layer of towels in the middle, all stitched together into a kind of cage carpet. My plan is that if it's reversible I would be able to flip it over halfway through the week, only having to wash...
  9. BeckyBoo

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Erm.. don't have any pictures yet, but anyway, it's just a plain old 2x4, silver grids, white corroplast. Nothing exciting. Would be a waste of space on the thread! When I have fleeced it all up and it's looking funky I'll give you all a peek ;)
  10. BeckyBoo

    UK Funky Fleece?

    I'm thinking about going fleece, but I have decided to shell out a bit for it. I am ordering a custom job from Hammocky Hammocks, so that when I order some accessories from them the fleece will all match (yes, I am a bit weird that way) Anyway, they have some gorgeous colours of fleece. Can't...
  11. BeckyBoo

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Yay! The girlies have their cage. And good grief! They look a lot bigger in real life. It's almost as big as my bed! (Single bed, to clarify) I was thinking about getting some more cubes JarBax, but unfortunately B&Q ordered them in specially for me, and I only ordered the one pack. I do have...
  12. BeckyBoo

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    AAARGGGGHHHH!!! I officially hate B&Q. So I waited 2 weeks for my cubes, then an extra week on top of the date they said they would arrive. Then I went over there on Saturday (a half hour drive away) because no one would answer the blinking phone. Was told they'd be in 'tomorrow'...
  13. BeckyBoo

    Transition from Cage to Lap

    Bubble and Squeak don't like the picking up part, but once they are resting against my body, with one of my arms curled under heir bottoms, and the other one stroking them or resting across their backs they calm right down. I have never tried to hold them away from my body, as this freaks them...
  14. BeckyBoo

    UK UK Resources

    I really like the look of the nibbly toys on these sites: The Willow Warren - The Willow Warren Pampered Piggies - Pampered Piggies Natural Toys and Essential Products Bunny Bazaar - http://www.bunnybazaar.co.uk/
  15. BeckyBoo

    Poor Baby

    I am waiting for my cubes to arrive so I can build my two girls a C&C cage. As they are not *very* small pigs (about 3 months old I think) I hadn't thought I would have to think about baby proofing it, but it sounds like I may have to. I'm a bit confused now. Bubble and Squeak are currently in...
  16. BeckyBoo

    Comment by 'BeckyBoo' in media 'begging'

    Looks like a little teddy bear. Very sweet.
  17. BeckyBoo

    Comment by 'BeckyBoo' in media 'Floortime set up'

    Wow! Those are some huge guinea pigs!!! They look more like small dogs!
  18. BeckyBoo

    Comment by 'BeckyBoo' in media 'Welcome to our Piggy House'

    I like the idea of making a half height front to the cage so you can access the piggies easily, but aren't you worried they may jump out of it? It looks like the cage is at a height, and that may be dangerous.
  19. BeckyBoo

    UK Anyone used Hammocky Hammocks?

    How is your hammock going JarBax? Was just wondering if your pigs use it. I'm thinking of getting one. And a corner bed. And a Slumber Tunnel... I might just buy up their entire range! Also, I am hoping that once I have made my C&C cage they might make me a 'carpet' for it with layers of...
  20. BeckyBoo

    A few questions about floor time

    I've only given Bubble and Squeak floor time a few times. Every time I had to dis-assemble my room to find them behind furniture. I am now waiting for a delivery of cubes to my local B&Q to make a C&C cage with. I'm going to tie the spares together with cable ties to make foldy fences, to put up...