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  1. livandlovit

    Hay Oat hay quality?

    I finally found some oat hay at PJ's Pets in Richmond, BC (1 lbs for $9.99). I'm wondering about the quality. The brand is Living World, and all the hay in the bag are short, broken up pieces, light tan in color. They're not long and soft like timothy hay. Lots of it falls right through my hay...
  2. livandlovit

    Canada Want to buy Oat Hay

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy oat hay in the Vancouver area? I'm really allergic to the timothy hay so I'd like to try a different type. I can order a 9 lb package from the Canadian Pet Connection for $31.99, with a shipping cost of $14.50. I don't really want to order it until I've...
  3. livandlovit

    Canada Vancouver area vet

    Hi, I just found this vet in Burnaby, BC. The South Burnaby Vet Hospital. Has anyone been here? Anyone have any recommendations or opinions? Thanks, Livandlovit
  4. livandlovit

    Canada Looking for different types of hay in Vancouver, BC

    Help! I've been looking for a local place British Columbia, lower mainland) to get some bluegrass, oat hay, orchard grass, or other type of hay that's NOT timothy hay. I'm allergic to hay and read that some other types may be better to use. I really don't want to order from Canadian Pet...