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  1. CCcages

    Coroplast When you add on a grid...?

    OK Assuming you want to expand to a jumbo 2x6 grid cage? Depending on your existing cage (covered or not) I'll get you the items you need to make it the most cost effective to expand. Email me at [email protected] with your name (I'll check your previous order) and will get you a quote with...
  2. CCcages

    Coroplast When you add on a grid...?

    We can make an extension piece for you that you can tape on to the existing cage. Usually the 2x grid cages are a bit easier to work with, particularly if you have a cover or second level. How many guinea pigs do you have and what are their sexes?
  3. CCcages

    Size Why the *half* grid cage size? (ex 2x3.5 grids)

    The 2x3.5 was just a size I came up with back in 2003 when we were making the Xsmall size. We no longer carry the Xsmall (too small), but the 2x3.5 just *stuck* so we didn't remove it. As the others have said, those few inches are precious, and it works for those that couldn't fit the 2x4. It's...
  4. CCcages

    Upper Levels To Loft a kitchen or not

    Awwww! so cute. She does look a little sad. I see that carrot car--is it all wood?
  5. CCcages

    Upper Levels To Loft a kitchen or not

    Good luck! Sometimes it's good to have 3 hideys. One for each and one they share. As long as they don't use up too much space.
  6. CCcages

    Upper Levels To Loft a kitchen or not

    If more floor space is the goal, and if you can extend the footprint an additional 1x2 space (if I'm understanding you right) then my suggestion would be to get the 2x2 loft, but offset it onto the 1x2 space you have. The offset allows easier cleaning under a 2x2 loft, you gain a storage slot...
  7. CCcages

    Cage Cavy Kitchen

    Thank you, Lisa!
  8. CCcages

    C&C C&C cage questions. 2 male pigs.

    The cage kits come with everything you need. Coroplast is cut and scored to the correct dimensions, rivets to secure the flaps, grids, connectors, cable ties, instructions, and care sheet. If you're able to find materials locally, we always encourage making your own. Coroplast won't smell. It's...
  9. CCcages

    Cage Cavy Kitchen

    Hi Lisa, Glad it's working out so well! Your post ideally describes the purpose of the kitchen. Would you mind entering a review for it on the cages store?http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/store/WriteReview.aspx?ProductID=115 It'll help others see the benefits the kitchen provides. Thanks so much!
  10. CCcages

    Coroplast Alternatives see-through side of cage??

    http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/pigture-window These can replace the grids and fit perfectly into standard connectors. You only need a few in front
  11. CCcages

    C&C "Wall of Silence" Cage Divider

    Just place your order on the site as normal. In the "order comments" section just put that you'd like a second piece. (Also just to be sure - email me a note that you'd like the second piece at [email protected] just to be safe). I can add in the 3.00 additional later on.
  12. CCcages

    Ramps Had less than two weeks and ramp is falling apart :(

    As Beth said, we're going to send her a replacement carpet as that seems to stick much better. We do have a dilemma with the tape sticking to the rubber, and we're very open to suggestions if anyone has any. Obviously it can't be tape and I don't think velcro will work in this case as the...
  13. CCcages

    Upper Levels This ramp is annoying...

    Hi there - this is Sue from the cage store. I see you did purchase this about a year ago, could it be the tape is just no longer sticking? do you use shavings? We'd be happy to send more tape (stronger) - or replace the ramp altogether if you still want to stay with this design. You can email...
  14. CCcages

    Cage Frustrated! Can't figure how to put kitchen together!

    Will mail another sample. Can you just respond to my email with your address again? I just want to confirm it so we're sure it's addressed properly.
  15. CCcages

    Cage Frustrated! Can't figure how to put kitchen together!

    I responded to your email - within 4 minutes of you sending it. Perhaps it went to your spam folder - please check it. I asked if you received the instructions. We've never had anyone not understand how to tape the flaps, so please bear with me because I'm trying to understand exactly where the...
  16. CCcages

    Coroplast Cavy Cafes coming apart

    Sometimes when shavings get stuck in there, it doesn't seem to stick as well. Perhaps clean it up real well, make sure it's clean on the other side, re-stick the flaps and heat it up slightly with a hairdryer so that it activates the glue in the tape. Hold it down with a heavy book until. If...
  17. CCcages

    C&C A Good Price?

    In fact, you can get a totally cut and scored 2x5 base from us in light blue for 47.99 and shipping to SD is about 17.00. Total 65.00. All one piece, all the work is done. You should also be able to get a full sheet from the plastics place for much less than that. That way you have a full...
  18. CCcages

    C&C A Good Price?

    You can get 5 pieces of 29x48 coroplast in light blue from us in the store for only 20.00 plus shipping. Coroplast pieces You'd only need 3 pieces to tape together (much better than taping 12 pieces) - and still have a couple large pieces left over.
  19. CCcages

    Coroplast 2x6 Base from GPCs store

    It would be the same price. Just order the 12" back and put a note in your order for me to make the back 14" high instead of 12".
  20. CCcages

    C&C Is this a rip off for a C&C cage?

    Hi tablo - This is Sue. Teresa and I run both those stores. GPZone and GPCStore. Actually when you purchased that base, the shipping wasn't calculating correctly and it was your order that made us notice. We've since corrected it. A 2x6 kit or base is in an oversize box and gets calculated by...