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  1. Janani.R.S

    Joy Share Your Favorite Guinea Pig Treat Recipes

    I thought it would be nice for everyone to share a fun guinea pig safe food recipe that they know with the community. It's always fun to try new things, I love trying out new recipes! lol Have fun learning and sharing recipes!
  2. Janani.R.S

    General Bedding or Fleece?

    Hi guys! I am constantly thinking about which one is better, bedding or fleece. Bedding is what I use right now but the wood shaving feel like they hurt the guinea pig's feet and I know that guinea pigs have delicate feet but then fleece also has cons. Can you guys give pros and cons for both...
  3. Janani.R.S

    Photos Find a picture of you're guinea pigs in the FUNNIEST pose!

    Hi guys! Recently, I did a thread and I wanted you guys to find a picture of you're guinea pigs in the cutest pose and now, I want you to find a picture of you're guinea pigs in the funniest pose! Have fun!
  4. Janani.R.S

    Photos Find a picture of you're guinea pigs in the CUTEST pose!

    Hi guys! I thought I'd like to do something fun! I want you to scroll through you're phone, computer, or camera and find a picture or two of you're guinea pig or pigs in a adorable pose! I know I will LOVE ALL of you're pictures! Have fun!
  5. Janani.R.S

    Behavior My guinea pig refuses to eat veggies, what do I do?

    Hi guys! I've recently gotten a baby guinea pig from a rescue. They said that he's never had veggies, I was fine with that because I thought I was going to be able to get him to eat veggies, but I guess I was wrong. I've been trying to get him to eat vegetables since he came home but every time...
  6. Janani.R.S

    Sad What is this bloody gray spot around my guinea pigs eye?

    A few days ago I found that my male, brown guinea pig had a small bloody gray spot around his eye. I've been trying to find out what it is by looking it up on the internet and watching videos. Do any of you know what it is? If so, please comment, and give me a suggestion. :love: Thank you so...
  7. Janani.R.S

    Frustrated Is my guinea pig happy with no cagemate? I can't get a cagemate, what do I do?

    Dear readers, I am very sad and helpless. I have gotten a 3 month old, male guinea pig. I haven't gotten a buddy for him even though I know they tend to get lonely. Where I live, I am not allowed to get more than one pet. I know that it is just one little guinea pig but I don't want to try and...