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  1. claudinehere

    Sick First time quarantine questions

    Freya, my 1 year-old guinea pig, is sick with URI right now and has been prescribed antibiotics and needs to be nebulized. The vet recommended that I separate her from Ellie, her cagemate, until she gets better. This is my first time doing a quarantine so I have a couple of questions (sorry if...
  2. claudinehere

    Cage Questions regarding two-level cages and ramps

    Hello, I am using a basic, single-level C&C cage right now and my mom and I are planning on adding a second level to our cage. For this I am considering my old pet store cage's plastic base as a hay loft/kitchen at the upper level (we'll just make an entryway by cutting the plastic base), will...
  3. claudinehere

    Philippines Vets - Makati Area

    Hello! I don't know of any vets in Makati, but I know of some in nearby places. I bring my girls to Vets In Practice Mandaluyong and Animal Care Specialists in Tiendesitas :)
  4. claudinehere

    Philippines Guinea Pig Food List in the Philippines

    Here's where I buy my Oxbow pellets: https://m2.facebook.com/105041129552326/albums/168626636527108/?_rdr
  5. claudinehere

    New here and new to piggies :)

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you learn lots of great stuff to raise Rocket well :) Yes, veggies should be given every day at an amount of 1 cup per pig per day. I clean out uneaten/leftover veggies at the end of the day because you never know, it may get spoiled and when your piggy decides...
  6. claudinehere

    New Piggy Owner. Mislead by breeders!

    Oh my gosh, your post makes me think of the outrageous things I've heard from a lot of guinea pig "enthusiasts" and breeders here in the Philippines. You're right about how everything is just about the sale to them, I feel so bad for the piggies... I am so glad that you did your research though...
  7. claudinehere

    Chewing Chewing on the bars.

    I don't know about a health condition... I really think she is bored or lonely. I've seen that in a lot of pigs who are alone, or those who haven't been getting a lot of attention from their humans. Why not get her a friend? It would do wonders for her, she'll have a playmate and she'll have a...
  8. claudinehere

    Keeping Cool Is 84 degrees too hot for piggies?

    Oh gosh, that temperature is like the usual temperature on a normal day here in the Philippines! Haha! That feels pretty hot already, so if you can't keep the A/C on the whole time, just keep them as comfortable as possible. I agree that you can just find a place where they are not exposed to...
  9. claudinehere

    Comment by 'claudinehere' in media 'Kitchen/litter corner'

    What did you use to cover the floor? I have this problem because of how much my pigs pee! It's really hard to clean the floor! Haha!
  10. claudinehere

    Nails/Nail Trimming I finally did it! Only took me 37 minutes...

    Congratulations on that feat! I am still terrified of cutting my piggies' nails without assistance, but we all need to do it. Haha! :) I still can't cut my little Freya's nails without another person holding her and feeding her a baby carrot because she's always struggling. Then when the clipper...
  11. claudinehere

    Philippines Guinea Pig Food List in the Philippines

    Thank you very much for this! I know it's really hard to find suitable guinea pig food here in the Philippines but as you've shown us, research goes a long way! Thanks! :)
  12. claudinehere

    Who else is a grammar/proper English freak?

    Oh, I hate it when people won't use proper spelling and grammar, be it in writing or in speech. I mean, my English is not perfect since it's not my first language but I really try to use proper spelling and grammar all the time. I also don't see the need for chat speak since a lot of people can...
  13. claudinehere

    Photos Frank's wonderful day!

    Hahahaha he does look like a happy pig! I really need to spend time with my piggies too, I kinda feel bad for not being able to do those things with them right now, blame jet lag :( Haha cute photos! :)
  14. claudinehere

    Behavior Guinea Pigs Not Drinking+ Not Going On Platform With The Hay

    I agree that it would be better to put the hay on the cage floor, because maybe they weren't used to eating hay from the hayrack in the pet store. It would allow them to play in the hay too. I am not sure about the water though, maybe it's because of the veggies you give them so they don't drink...
  15. claudinehere

    Animal Welfare I hate when people say that guinea pigs don't need a friend.

    I see people like this all the time! I try to tell them that guinea pigs need companions but they just refuse to listen because they care more about the entertainment that guinea pigs bring them. It's so annoying that they don't think about their pet's feelings. There was this one person who...
  16. claudinehere

    Behavior This is the best article I have read. Best for New Guinea Pig Owners :)

    I read that too before I first got my piggies. Very useful indeed :)
  17. claudinehere

    Animal Welfare Seriously some people are ticking me off!

    Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel. I get all those comments from my friends too, as well as from the members of the local GUINEA PIG COMMUNITY I'm in (who claim to love piggies but aren't even willing to provide even the most basic healthcare for them). You should feel proud of yourself...
  18. claudinehere

    Animal Welfare So appalled at the piggies' condition in my country

    That's the problem, most of these groups are only concerned with the welfare of dogs and cats here, but not other pets. Even the rescue centers here don't accept guinea pigs and other small animals, so it's very common here to just throw away their pets and leave them to die wherever they may...
  19. claudinehere

    Animal Welfare So appalled at the piggies' condition in my country

    I know, but sometimes it's really frustrating. I don't know why people have so little regard for animals in this place, and I'm one of the few who feels differently. Some people there really appreciate the things I tell them especially about C&C cages and adoption, but most people just don't...
  20. claudinehere

    Animal Welfare So appalled at the piggies' condition in my country

    Before I start, I would like to thank all of the members of this forum for sharing all their knowledge about proper piggy care. I also love how this forum advocates adoption over buying from pet stores and breeders because seriously, there are so many homeless pigs out there that also need love...