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  1. nousername

    Conditions A question on red eye guinea pig

    I understand guinea pigs do not have good vision. But they have strong smelling and hearing? What about red eyed piggies? One of my guinea pig is blonde and white and he has red eyes. I have this feeling that he is very confused for my presence. Usually albinos do have weak vision. To my point...
  2. nousername

    Behavior my guinea pig doesn't drink?

    I have never seen him drink. Every time he comes close to the water bottle, he would try to touch it but still he would never drink out of it? I change the water about every three days? Is that ok? His pee was cloudy white, but now yellowish? Since he doesn't drink too much water, I got him...
  3. nousername

    Hay Has anyone tried Kaytee Supreme Pellets?

    I've heard negative comments against the Kaytee brand. Well, mostly against their "Timothy Complete pellets". But has anyone tried their Supreme Pellets? I read many comments and recommendation online saying that it is very good. And piggies love it. Is it true? Or should I buy other brand...
  4. nousername

    Where to Order? Where to buy hay in NYC?

    Hay is very expensive in NYC, especially in Manhattan. 6lbs of hay costs me around 30 dollars. Check on the internet, a website called KMS sells 9lbs for 12 dollars plus a 16 dollars shipping. 3 lbs more but the price is pretty much the same. Does anyone live in NYC and know a place to get...
  5. nousername

    Behavior Depressed guinea pig

    I recently adopted two guinea pigs from a rescue. One is around 1 year old and another one is a Senior, 6 years old and last night Senior passed away. And ever since, we removed Senior's body. The other has acted all depressed. He just sits in the corner for hours and not eating nor drinking...
  6. nousername

    Coroplast Free sources to get coroplast?

    I couldn't find any in the neighborhood or anywhere close. I did my research online and notice that people are able to to find the used one for free. Electronic store and grocery will constantly throw them out. Does anyone wanna share their free coroplast story, it would be helpful for...
  7. nousername

    Diet Can guinea pigs eat rice?

    I'm talking about white rice like we usually see in Chinese supermarket or diner. If they can eat it, should be raw or cooked? I have a whole bag of white rice at home:ohmy:
  8. nousername

    Injury Mikus bit the flesh out of Charlie...humping led to fighting!!!

    I earlier post a thread here, asking about humping because my boys have been humping each other since yesterday. They are from a rescue and according to them, have been housed together a long time. And people on this forum say it's ok, they are fighting for territory and it's safe. I check...
  9. nousername

    Puberty Two boys try to hump each other

    They are 1 and 2 years, I just got them yesterday from the rescue. And I have noticing a lot humping. Yesterday, the younger one humps the older one and today is the opposite. The main thing is that they won't let each other humps. They fight a lot. Should I separate them? I contacted the...
  10. nousername

    Behavior Newbie new, Is there any ways to make cleaning easier?

    I just got two guinea pigs from a rescue. And they love eating and POOPING. It's literally poop everywhere, I feel like Alice in the Poopingland. Is there any way you guys do to keep the poop concentrated in one place? Also, pee is also a huge problem. Any suggestions will be great:eye-poppi
  11. nousername

    Cage Do I have to make 2x4? Can it be 1x8.

    I have read a lot materials saying we should at least make a 2x4 c&c cage for two guinea pigs. However, since my sofa has an empty space next to the windows, which can perfectly fit a 1x8 cage instead of a 2x4 cage. Is it ok to do so? If I do 2x4, the cage actually look very obvious under...
  12. nousername

    Adopting NY- What does adoption usually require?

    I plan to adopt another guinea pig for my Robbie, but I wonder if adaption ask for S.S or driving license or any sort of ID. I'm extremely terrified of identity thief after they used my info to purchase tons of stuffs from online. Plus, rescues are not government funded, they are private...
  13. nousername

    Won't Eat My new guinea pig only eat when listening to Adele?

    You may think I'm joking:o But I am not. I got him 3 days ago, only fed him carrot, apple, orange and green bell peppers. He didn't eat anything in day 1, started to eat a little bit in day 2 whenever we are not looking. And I was just sitting on my sofa and randomly playing Adele, and I...
  14. nousername

    Bought a pig with weird skin condition, store says return it and they will kill him?

    Hi, everyone. My name is Den and I bought a pig yesterday from Petland Discount. Despite the store name, nothing was actually on sale:yuck: I bought a male 3 month old pig, my brother named him Robbie (Yeah I know, my brother is british...:yuck:) But today, I came to find a bald spot between...
  15. nousername

    Skin Problems First time having a guinea pig

    I got my 3 months old guinea pig yesterday and everything was well. He is shy perhaps due to the new environment. I am also doing more and more research on keeping him healthy and happy. However, just a couple hours ago, I found a bald spot in between his left ear and eye. The right side is...