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  1. MBgirl

    Upper Levels In the loft all the time!

    Thanks! I'm trying to learn all I can. It's not that I'm concerned or anything, just curious...and also I feel a bit like, "Hey, I made you a great big cage and you're always squeezed into a spot smaller than your old cage!" lol I think I'll try to find a low table, maybe they just don't like...
  2. MBgirl

    Upper Levels In the loft all the time!

    This is my first post here. *waves* we adopted our two girls a couple weeks ago. The family that had them before us had them in a 2x3 c&c cage. I extended it to a 2x4, and a few days later, added a 1x2 loft, which has a large litter box (they both fit in it) and their hay. They spend about...