The big one is Mustard and the little one is Toots. See, i went to WallyWorld and got some kittie balls and a couple of doggie tennis balls, and more hay and a little alfalfa for the little one. I love my piggies. And took care of them before I got here and even I knew you didn't give animals iceberg lettuce, even I don't eat that crap. I have given them defrosted mixed veggies, and romane and Mustard loves radishes and the greens too. and Mustard likes oranges, though i don't give her them often, or toomuch at one time. And I found an old wooden house that my hampsters don't use that Toots is small enough to use. and Mustard really liked the paper last night. so you guys do help and have good ideas, but maybe for noobs, you a little critical. remember you were new cavy slaves once, though i have had cavys for 4 years without help. but thanks for the good advice. and don't jump to conclusions. My cats and Mustard, the bigger GP, get along fine. they sleep together alot and play. and yeah at first i was nervous, but now things work out fine.