This idea was brilliantely presented by TX-2-pigs! What a fab idea. Once again a big thank you.

1. 4 for a £1 plastic tubs (Homebase UK). The ends cut off and ziptied together.
2. I measured a piece of Correx (for reinforcement) and a £1 mat to fit in the middle.
3. I then made 4 holes ( 2 at each end) and zip tied it all together (see other pic),
4. Zip tied it to the cubes on the upper level and also at the sides.
5. Rested the bottom on a brick (again thanks for the idea tx-2-pigs) this really does help with nail management.

I have since added half a stone sleeper in front of the brick the ramp rests on. The pigs were hopping over the brick. So I added this in the hope it'll slow down their nail growth a bit more.

They seem to love it!