This is the left side of our cage, with the hay rack and litter box. I put a grid over the top of the hay rack because both my pigs like to jump, and I was afraid of them getting into the hay rack and subsequently over and out. When my son is home (this pic was taken while he was at daycare), I have more grids closing off the front half of the cage.

I originally had the Fiddlesticks as a ramp to get to the hay/litter, but they just crawled under and moved it where they wanted, so I reshaped them to form a tunnel. They LOVE tunnels and boxes, so used/empty pop boxes are loved by them. I change them out when they get dirty, and always make sure they have 3 holes - one at each end and one in the middle. Smile

Lieutenant Dan is running from the camera. My two boys recently started fighting, so there is hay everywhere; they've been dragging it around.