Here is the final cage and I don't plan on changing it again! Its a 2 story 2x4. The purple area is the play area with 2 litter boxes, a hidey house, a hay rack, and a water bottle. The second floor on the blue is the main sleeping area. Theres 2 litter boxes. The purple box and the thing next to the ramp. Theres 1 hidey house and the kitchen. The kitchen has a hay pile, pellets, veggies, and a water bottel. This cage has 6 doors for cleaning. The four in the front and 2 in the back.So 3 on each floor.The girls love it!The girls are 85% potty trained!There is also a 2x4 storage area under the cage so the cat wont try to jump over it. He can jump over this cage if he tried.