Originally, I bought a type of gutter material for ramps - the cavies wouldn't touch them. I remembered when I adopted my two newbies, Leah had told me that they tend to not like to change floor materials. Because the cage is 3 levels tall, I decided that the ramps should be enclosed so that my girls wouldn't fall from 3 levels up. I bent the leftover cubes and lined them with the same sherpa fabric I'd used for flooring. My cavies, especially the babies, were running up and down the ramps before I even had them finished! Since I don't have a bedside table (no room! lol) I conveniently used part of the cage so that I can set my phone, remote, and alarm clock on. Overall, the pigs all have plenty of room and seem to be really happy. The two bottom, front cubes are zip tied together and open easily so that when I'm home, the pigs can run around my room. I also left one of the middle cubes on the second level ziptied so that I can pull the piggies out when I need to. I bought kleenex boxes for them to hide in but the peruvians haven't used them. The kleenex box on the bottom floor is kept full of timothy hay and sometimes I catch Kona (one of the babies) sitting in it, lol, I always try to keep her out of it. I used a silverware thingy to hang hay in the second level, they really, really like it.