My second pig, Skye, died so young. She wasn't even a year old, she died on the day after Thanksgiving, 2007. She was a very sweet little teddy and would always "purr" whenever I pet her. She was the cutest thing whenever she slept. She was so cute, in every way. When she ran laps, when I took her out of her cage, when I pet her, when I gave her lap time, when she ate, etc..... In the short time I had her I became so attached to her. I regret so much buying her from a pet store, because I was somewhat aware of them vs. adopting, but I was ignorant and still bought her from a pet store. It was one of the worst mistakes I've made in my life. She died of a URI she got from the store. The symptoms started right before she died, months after we got her. It hurts a lot that she had to go the way she did. I wish she was still here. Its hard that now that it's Christmas she can't be here, celebrating with the family. Snickers and I miss you so much baby. I love you. Rest in peace my girl.