I lost my lil bells almost a year ago. She was only about 5 months old. She was my 2nd piggie. My first piggie star who is now 5 years old. We got them both from the same pet shop but not the same time. We got bella 4 years after star cuz I thought star might like a friends but sadly we never got the chance to introduce them. She had apparently got pregnent at the pet shop (ie. We will never go there again, we got lucky with star) and we didn't know neither did the vet. And we took her to the vet and sadly one was still inside her and we had to make a decision. And we decided to put her to sleep cuz she was suffering. She is greatly missed by all and she was a cuddler. We only had her for about 2 months but I know she was the happiest in those last months when she was with us. I luv you bella and I know she is being the best mommy to her her 5 pups in heaven.