From L to R: Shadow, Sylvanas, and Cookie.

Shadow is the most recent addition to our herd. He's a 10 month old neutered male from the Wee Companions rescue down in San Diego.

Sylvanas is a 6 month old Peruvian sow. She was adopted from a private party who was looking to rehome her. Her previous owner had no experience with piggies and had her in a teeny tiny cage, never handled her, never gave her veggies, and she didn't have a friend! She screamed every time you touched her or tried to pick her up, but now she enjoys snuggle time, has some friends, and has plenty of room to run laps.

Cookie is a 6 month old American sow that was rescued from the San Diego Humane Society. She was brought in to the shelter with her brother because the children of her owners lost interest in them. She was housed with her brother before being brought in, wasn't eating, and wasn't pooping! Now she has safe cage mates, munches on all of the veggies, and poops like it's going out of style.