This shows how I took coroplast and cut it to go UNDER the thick fleece on my ramp. This distributes the weight and prevents joint where the two panels panels meet from taking all the pressure. It also prevents bowing as they go up and down the ramp. Any STIFF, waterproof product would work. The idea is to keep the two panels from collapsing or bouncing as they run up and down it.

This does NOT show how I attached the ramp to the upper level to avoid having it bounce. If you note the joint where the two ramps are attached, I slid the ramp over, and zip tied it to the floor of the upper level. When I want to move the upper level, I cut off the zip tie, lift up the ramp, snap it to the upper level and when I'm done, I zip tie it again. Zip ties are cheap so it's no big deal.

This ramp does not allow 2 pigs at the same time, which is a drawback, and now after 6 months, I'm thinking of adding a second ramp so that there is little fighting over ramp right of way.

This MUST be covered with something that will allow them to grip as they go up and down. A two panel ramp is quite steep. IF they don't have something to grasp onto as they go up and down, they will have chapped butts. YES, I found this out the hard way. For a while I was using a single layer of fleece thinking it was fine until one day I realized that they couldn't grip enough going down and were SLIDING down the ramp. A closer look showed that their poor little male testicles had rug burns. What A BAD MOMMY! So please learn from my mistake and use at LEAST two layers of fleece. The best thing I've done so far is to sew two pieces of fleece together with some batting and then sew across it so that they have nice squishing gripping place