(((( I would NOT recommend this size cage for young piggers.))))

My boys are older gentlemen who are considerably less active. They also have a large cubed play area. Each morning we "transport" the boys from the crib to their play area, and in the evening we return them back to their crib.

Scott was planning on building an extension off the crib door, but now I am seriously wondering if it would be nothing more than a waste of Scott's time.

In the crib, Fizbit uses all three levels of the cage, and spends half the time up in the upper loft. Oscar stays mostly on the lower level, with visits to the second level on occasions.

Both boys appear to be very content, and that is what is most important.

They might be older guys, but still can popcorn with gusto.

The bumper is made of coroplast with material covering.

The entire cage floor is lined with coroplast.

I am very pleased how the cage turned out, and feel it serves it's purpose well.