Hi, there!

So, I have two guinea pigs (Females) and they live in a 5X3 (about 15 square feet) c&c cage.

My friends has a pet store cage. (I know not good) I wasn't her friend when we met so I couldn't direct her in a better cage direction.

And, so, I was wondering if any of you kind people would like to answer my questions:

1. She's currently is using wood pellets for her "beeding", should she change to fleece liners instead? (For the enviorment, easier clean and health benefits)

2. Her cage is a 80 x 50 x 46,5 cm cage is that big enough? I know how many square feet a guinea pig needs but in cm I don't know. (By the way she has one male guinea pigs)

3. Should she get a friend for her piggie? I know male usually don't get along very well, but in the wild they would be in a herd...

You can take a look at the pictures if that could help. Any tips or suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks!