I wasn't happy with using the cube panels for the top/lid, so now I have a 12 inch wide shelf attached in the back (with the lip in the middle for extra support) and then a 16 inch shelf that swings up, with the lip overhanging the front to keep it from dropping inside.. I couldn't buy a long enough shelf to do the whole length (for some reason the 16 inch wide only came in 6 feet and 12 feet lengths - and I can't fit 12 feet in my car), so I ended up with two doors, which is fine with me, because the smaller kitchen door is very convenient.. I don't have to pull the whole lid open to feed them Smile

I think the 12 and 16 shelves work since I only used zip ties, not connectors to build my cage.. with the connectors it probably wouldn't have been wide enough to cover the top fully.

The large door is held up by a carabiner clip from the shelf above, the smaller one is held up with a broken s-biner clip (the spring is missing from one end).