This is the newest design that is not yet finish. I have 2 of my girls, Rosie and Ella living on the bottom 2X3 with a second floor that is a 2X1. On the top ( 3rd ) floor I have Zoey, a blind old gal that is too scared to be a part of the group. She is in a 2X2 sheet of coroplast that is placed on the 2X3 top. I do plan to give her a cage to her self and open the top floor to Rosie and Ella as soon as I get the coroplast to finish the floor.

Because the cage is now placed at ground level I do have the need to close it up for my cats will jump in, so I made doors from two grids that are only attach by one cable tie and have them so they can swing open when needed. I lock the cage up with two binder clips that also serve to hold the doors open.