The bottom is a 2X4 grid with 2 girls in it and the top is a 2X2 with a 1X1 addition housing one girl. The bottom is a hay bedding and the top is fleece. This was the first day home for my rescue girl (Hazel) so she stayed on the top level for about 10 days while they got used to each others smells and sounds. I have since expanded this cage and moved the girl on top to an exact replica of this cage that is attached as an "L" onto this one and is separated with only grids, right now. The overall size of the combined cages is a 2X6 with a 2X2 "L" base with a 1X7 loft. The girls have been in the new cage for about 10 days but I have denied access to the lofted areas on both sides until I do actual intros so the area remains as neutral as possible.
I am excited to remove the barrier grids. Maybe one more week! I am trying to get pics of the new cage and will upload once i have them. Waiting on new fleece liners to be ready!