Here is a cage that houses ten pigs. It is three cages put together to make it look like one large cage.

The bottom level consists of two cages, each being a 2 x 5. Those cages both have their own ramps leading to 2 x 2's kitchens on each far side of the second level. The cage on the far left hand side houses three pigs, (1 neutered boar and 2 sows). The cage on the far right has 2 unaltered boars.

The 2 x 6 cage in the middle, between the two kitchens has a ramp that goes to the upstairs 2 x 6 level. The upper level has a 2 x 3 play area and it connects to another 2 x 3 which is their kitchen. Their kitchen area is a seperate piece of coroplast so I can just remove that whole section and dump the shavings outside making cleaning it a breeze. That entire part of the cage houses 5 pigs, (1 neutered boar, 4 sows).