I purchased two roller bins and assemble them together to form my ultimate supply drawer. I have everything I need for the guinea pigs within arms reach. I placed a custom cut mirror acrylic I purchased from EBay in the back of the cage behind the coroplast to give it a more modern look and for the guinea pigs to enjoy. I used 1/2 inch thick coroplast instead of the thinner version because it is harder for the guinea pigs to chew thru. Since it is thicker, I had mine cut for me at the sign store. You have to adjust the measurement for your outer medal cage to accommodate the extra thickness. I use plastic bird feeding bins for their fruits, vegetables, and extra pellets. There're inexpensive and hang nicely on the grids or coroplast holes. I spent many hours designing this Easy Cleaning Cage for my guinea pigs- guests do not know I have them because the cage is cleaned daily so there is no odor. I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and I hope they will inspire you to create your own masterpiece.