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Pet Store Cages

These typical pet store cages are being provided for information and to make this site as complete as possible. If you must buy a cage, buy the biggest cage possible. NO aquariums and NO wire bottom cages and NO exposed wood cages. If you have a wire bottom cage, cut the clips with wire cutters and remove it or cover it with a plastic insert (newspaper, towels, and bedding are not good enough). Below are some typical cages found in pet stores. None of these cages meet the minimum cage size recommended. Don't be fooled by the dimensions printed on the box. The manufacturers measure the very outer lip of the plastic from end to end to come up with the so-called cage size. You measure the inner dimensions -- the actual viable room the guinea pig has available after the cage is assembled.

Marchioro Cage (Tommy 120)

  • Outer dimensions: 46 1/4 " x 22 3/4" = 7.4 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: 44" x 20" =  6.1 sq feet
  • If applicable, removable hay racks should be permanently removed or rearranged as they take away from cage floor space. The new version of the cage comes with a single plastic attachable hay rack rather than the removable wire racks.
  • Bigger than most commercially available cages
  • Easy to clean design
  • Online sources:
    Pets Warehouse (search on "Marchioro")
    Price: approximately $85 + shipping = $115
    (from NY, e.g. to CA approx $30-35)
    Leith Petwerks $105 + $25 shipping = $130 
    (from Indiana to CA, shipping to east coast is cheaper)
    TKS Pets, $124 + $25 shipping = $149
    (from San Diego)
  • Pet store prices are usually well over $100. They are a hard to find item. Not many pet stores carry them. The cages are imported from Italy.
  • There are actually two versions of the Marchioro cages. The traditional version shown and priced above is with the wire top welded together as all one piece. There is another, less expensive version where the sides are in separate sections. They are shipped three to a box and the pet stores usually put them together using the included clips before putting them for sale on the shelves. The retail price of that version should be between $50 and $100, depending on the store's markup.

marchiorocagelarge.jpg (80117 bytes)

tommy120.jpg (30878 bytes)

Marchioro3.jpg (27437 bytes)

Marchioro Cage version with
assembled sides:
marchioroy.jpg (67398 bytes)

Super Pet Deluxe 2-Level Rabbitrail Home with Stand

  • Outer dimensions: 32" x 32" = 7.1 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: 29" x 29" = 5.8 sq feet 
  • You MUST remove the plastic-grid floor on the bottom of this cage! 
  • The sides (20") are very high (25" when on the stand) making it awkward to pet and retrieve your guinea pigs.
  • Very hard to find in pet stores.
  • Online sources:
    Pets Prefer Us ($180 + approx $17 shipping, $197 total; be sure to order the right model)
    The Ferret Store* ($241 includes shipping)
  • Typical price: approximately $185

rabbittrail.jpg (19202 bytes)

rabbitcage1.jpg (33249 bytes)

rabbitcage2.jpg (29052 bytes)

Hagen Rabbit/Guinea Pig Cage (425)

  • Outer dimensions: 39" x 21" = 5.6 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: approx  5 sq feet
  • Removable hay guard should be permanently removed or rearranged as it takes away from cage floor space.
  • Easy to clean design
  • Typical price: approximately $90

hah425.gif (11096 bytes)

h425.jpg (43376 bytes)

Hagen Zoo Zone

  • Outer dimensions: 39" x 20" = 5.4 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: 36" x 17" = 4.25 sq feet
  • May as well be an aquarium. Too much plastic, does not provide enough ventilation.
  • Typical price: approximately $65

zoozonelg.jpg (50986 bytes)

zzone2.jpg (2784 bytes)

Super Pet Deluxe 3-Level Home or
Deluxe 3-Story Rabbit/Chinchilla Home

  • Outer dimensions: 32" x 20" = 4.4 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: 29" x 17" = 3.4 sq feet 
  • The wire sits inside the plastic, making it difficult to clean thoroughly. 
  • The additional ramps and shelves make cleaning that much more complicated, not to mention trying to retrieve your cavy!
  • Another problem with this design is that while the ramps look cool, and some piggies will use them, the ramps take away from the real requirement of unencumbered floor space. 
  • The height of these cage walls and complexity of the ramps and shelves makes it difficult to reach in and retrieve or pet your cavy.
  • Typical price: approximately $85-90

SP60311.jpg (5890 bytes)

Deluxe 2-Story Guinea Pig/Dwarf Rabbit Home

  • Outer dimensions: 32" x 20" = 4.4 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: 29" x 17" = 3.4 sq feet
  • The wire sits inside the plastic, making it difficult to clean thoroughly.
  • Some models of this cage come with plastic ramps and shelves, while others come with wire ramps and shelves. The wire ramps and shelves MUST be covered with something to protect the cavy's feet. It is better to find a version with the plastic ramps and shelves.
  • Typical price: approximately $75 - 80

SuperPet2storyPetsmart.gif (17868 bytes)

sp60307.jpg (5948 bytes)

Martin's Cages

  • Outer dimensions: 30" x 18" = 3.75 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: approx 3 sq feet
  • The pan is too shallow (only 2 1/2") to keep bedding from being kicked out. Will require modification to prevent it.
  • Martin's is also listed on the commercial cage page. They have a larger cage size available directly (see the Commercial Cages page).
  • Typical price: $70

Prevue 2-Story Ferret/Guinea Pig Home

  • Outer dimensions: 24" x 18" = 3 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: approx 2.8 sq feet
  • Tall sides--awkward to interact with cavies.
  • 5" base, will get some bedding kick out.
  • Wire ramp and shelf unsafe, needs to be covered.
  • Typical price: $63-66

PrevueCage.jpg (69163 bytes)

Hagen Critter Cage

  • Outer dimensions: 25" x 17" = 2.9 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: approx 2.5 sq feet
  • Online sources:
  • Typical price: approximately $45

hah2901.jpg (5704 bytes)


Ware Guinea Pig/Rabbit Cage and Hutch in One

  • Outer dimensions: 36" x 29" = 7.25 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: approx  6.8 sq feet
  • Despite appearances and previous ads, this hutch is not made from cedar (except for the strip of molding at the top). 
  • The problem with this cage is the exposed wood interior. (See this note on exposed wood cages.) By nature, the guinea pigs will spend a good portion of their time in the hutch and that is where they will potty. Feedback from someone who has used this cage was that it was urine-soaked and smelly and impossible to properly clean after a month. To use this cage, you should create an additional custom plastic insert to fit inside the wooden hutch.
  • The ventilation inside the hutch appears questionable. Significant additional ventilation holes should be drilled in the walls.
  • Another downside to the cage design is the difficulty of accessing the guinea pigs for casual contact.
  • The permanent hutch design takes away from the unencumbered exercise area. While the cage size seems decent, it's too broken up to provide proper lap-running space.
  • The white pan is too shallow  to keep bedding from being kicked out. Will require modification to prevent it.
  • Typical price: approximately $90

Warehutch.gif (18594 bytes)


Deluxe 1-Story Guinea Pig/Dwarf Rabbit Home

  • Outer dimensions: 26" x 14" = 2.5 sq feet
  • Inner dimensions: approx 23" x 11" = 1.75 sq feet!
    ABUSIVELY TOO SMALL, nothing Deluxe about it!
  • Typical price: approximately $50

sp60301.jpg (11859 bytes)

* When shopping at Pet Food Direct, PetsMart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others, please consider going through iGive and 2% of your purchase will be donated to help support this site and the Cavy Spirit rescue. It doesn't cost you anything, and every little bit helps. Thank you.