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Recent content by victoria07

  1. victoria07

    Comment by 'victoria07' in media 'Revamped Cage'

    I really like your cage(: thats kind of what I'm going to do to my cage!
  2. victoria07

    Reference Cage: Speedy hay rack!

    Tip Type Cage Tip Title Speedy hay rack! Your Tip If you need a speedy hay rack (to make) you are in the right place! Do you have hay ransacking your cage? Is it all over your cage? Are you screaming your head off with cleaning the hay off your fleece? If your not screaming your still in the...
  3. victoria07


    Welcome(: hope to seem some pigtures soon haha.
  4. victoria07

    Sad Ways to Save Money?

    You can get a part time job. If you have school during the week and your parents won't allow you try working on the weekends. For hay you can search on craigslist for horse hay and simply pay $5. That will definitely save you some money from KMS. I hope I helped good luck with the money troubles.
  5. victoria07

    Bedding What litter should I use in the litter boxes?

    I use a layer of baking soda, a layer of wood pellets called Advanced Bedding Material, but I have the same problem as you with as it gets everywhere once they pee it turns to powder. I have no clue which bedding I'm going to choose next, but for now I just clip over 2-3 pages of newspaper over...
  6. victoria07

    Bedding Fresh News - anyone tried it? (Kitchen Area bedding)

    This method is amazing thank you for sharing this. How long do they last?
  7. victoria07

    Bedding Fresh News - anyone tried it? (Kitchen Area bedding)

    This method is amazing thank you for sharing this. You can re-use these ya?
  8. victoria07


    Got it. Thanks!
  9. victoria07


    I found this toy online it's called Nut Knot Nibbler. I would post a link, but I don't know if it's allowed. Anyways it seemed cool until I read it contains wood pegs around a scrumptious nut I heard somewhere on this site to never feed nuts to a piggy because they are too high in fats. Have you...
  10. victoria07

    Pellets Nutriphase pellets smell horrible

    For the first month I had my piggies I fed them nutriphase on pure fact my dad ran out of money. It wasn't oxbow, but it fed them. I don't remember it smelling bad. I didn't know it was that bad, but how bad is it frankie7? I mean I know it's better than kaytee brand pellets right?
  11. victoria07

    Reference Cage: What to do with petstore cages

    Mine is equivalent to a 1x3 c&c but the 3rd cube is half if you get me. I don't really use it at all, but I might try and add to the main cage as a kitchen.
  12. victoria07

    Adopting Right now!

    That's messed up. Keep us posted. Hope you get your baby karma soon!
  13. victoria07

    Hey everyone! :)

    Hello and welcome! Your piggies are so cute haha.
  14. victoria07

    Pigjes Pigs Piggadise

    Hi and welcome! I love your story or as people are calling chronicles :) haha love your cage! and your piggies are adorable!
  15. victoria07

    Cookies and Cream say hello!

    Hi! Your piggies are adorable and I love your fleece. Welcome!