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Recent content by UchihaMickey

  1. UchihaMickey

    Cute but sad Gif

    I bet if I left my pigs without hay for 5 mins they would do that :P I think its also because there are fruit,veg, and pellets. :)
  2. UchihaMickey

    Cleaning how deep should bedding be?

    Hello! I have one cage that would be about a 3x4 and I use aspen and carefresh, I buy aspen in 2 cubic feet bags, and carefresh in the biggest bag they have. Each aspen bag lasts me a month and a half. I use an inch of aspen then a 1/2 inch of carefesh, then mix it in, and then have one "borrow...
  3. UchihaMickey

    Pellets Convinced My Mom not to Give the "Gourmet" Food! (and c&c talk, oops)

    So my mom and I were in Walmart buying hay (We buy Kaytee, 3-4 bags at a time and that lasts about 2 weeks, we are going to order in a bigger quantity soon, as we are ordering from drsfostersmith.com, and she asked about the gourmet food. There was one with stuff and one without, so I said...
  4. UchihaMickey

    Hay I have a two month old and a over 6 months old, what hay do I feed?

    Feed both of them timothy hay and pellets in the cage and then every day take Bear out and give her some alfalfa pellets/hay or parsley.
  5. UchihaMickey

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Can long haired live with short haired guinea pigs?

    No combination is better then the other, and barbering may occur in any guinea pig. You can keep them together, many of us do :)
  6. UchihaMickey

    Hamster info!!! Throw it at me!

    Instead of a wheel get a flying saucer thing. My hamster got a seed in the silent spinner. Oh my god that was terrible. Nwver again.
  7. UchihaMickey

    Adopting Getting ready to start the adoption process!

    I love the abbys coloring! Ahh! Cant wait for more pictures!
  8. UchihaMickey

    Mounting Mother mounting daughter. Is this Normal?

    If it continues to happen you may need to go bigger. I know my 3 females wouldnt get along in anything smaller then a 2x6, and they are going in one with a 2x2 loft. They have multiple hideys, dishes, and bottles. If I didnt have seperate things for each of them I know mama pig would beat up her...
  9. UchihaMickey

    Special Needs Calcium deposits, light coloured droppings?

    Thats okay. Its just from my experience as well :D I didnt see that you were from the UK either, you guys have godly accents! Lol
  10. UchihaMickey

    RIP Sweetie xxxxx

    That is so true with any animal. Well put. Again, I am soooooooo sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace with all the veggies and fruits she wants!
  11. UchihaMickey

    Special Needs Calcium deposits, light coloured droppings?

    I know its not preferable, but if you are in a tight spot and cant spend $12-$15 on a bag of food then it can do. Ive been feeding it for 3 months as Im in a rough spot with jobs right now, and I cant order from drsfostersmith.com to get then with free shipping with my hay and bedding, Also...
  12. UchihaMickey

    RIP Sweetie xxxxx

    She is a gorgeous pig. Just remember all the good times that make you smile through the tears and fight through the pain. You can chat with any of us at any time for help. RIP Sweetie xoxo
  13. UchihaMickey

    Vegetables What did your pigs salad consist of today? and some questions

    Mine consisted of 2 1/2 cups of romaine lettuce shoved into a veggie ball, 1/4 a bell pepper which I feel bad abou but Im running out, a baby carrot for each pig, and a peice of cucumber for each pig! Questions Do any of you buy veggies in bulk? I buy all of them at Sams Club, a pack of 6...
  14. UchihaMickey

    Special Needs Calcium deposits, light coloured droppings?

    What kind of hay is in the mix? Dont feed anything containing alfalfa. What veggies? Parsley, kale, cilantro, etc may cause calcium issues. Switch cold turkey over to the pellets, they will eat them eventually. If you find they are too expensive Kaytee has pellets called "Timothy Complete"...
  15. UchihaMickey

    New guinea pig owner and new to this forum! :D

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it here :D Fleece may be better for your allergies, it is for mine, but I found that I could NOT handle the smell of guinea pig pee. I tried uhaul, towels, puppy pads, it always stunk, and it always made my washer smell, and I was doing an extra "washing...