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  1. tobyandheidi

    What are signs of mating?

    Poor baby!! Honestly, it definitely doesn't sound like your friend put much thought into the care a guinea pig needs, which means it is not the pet for her. What has to happen is either your friend starts giving 'Betty' the care he absolutely must have, or he needs to be adopted by someone who...
  2. tobyandheidi

    Quarantine Bringing a Young Guinea Pig Home, I need advice!

    Indeed it is. (: cavies can have so many different and funny personalities. Heidi is a sassy and bold one, while Lu is the delicate more sweet piggy. She lives up to her name, hehe.
  3. tobyandheidi

    New Piggy Mommy, need some tips!

    Yes, sounds about right. No problem, glad I could help.
  4. tobyandheidi

    New Piggy Mommy, need some tips!

    It sounds like you have about a 2x4, and that's minimum for two sows. I'd say that'd be enough space if you were to get a sow, but a minimum for two boars is a 2x5, because they tend to squabble a bit and need their own space - no matter how well they get along. You won't get two boars that...
  5. tobyandheidi

    New Piggy Mommy, need some tips!

    Sounds like quite a nice environment! I hope you enjoy your new addition to the family. Once tamed, guinea pigs can be very lovable (and let's not forget entertaining) pets.
  6. tobyandheidi

    New Piggy Mommy, need some tips!

    When you first get a guinea pig, it is advised to leave them alone for 1-2 (maybe 3, depending on how skittish they are) days other than refilling hay/pellets and starting him on veggies. It's common for him to be that skittish and run into hiding when you enter the room. Guinea pigs are prey...
  7. tobyandheidi

    Quarantine Bringing a Young Guinea Pig Home, I need advice!

    About two and a half months ago, I adopted a mother less than one year, and her 3 week old pup from a nearby rescue center. Her name is Heidi, and even after two months she freaks out and squeals VERY loudly anytime I attempt to catch her, but she's fine with taking veggies out of my hand. It...
  8. tobyandheidi

    "Oh dear.." - Maleficent

    Aw, she's a cutie! And what a wonderful name. ♥️ Sounds like you've been doing a lot of research and thank you for taking her to the vet as soon as you saw symptoms. Good luck to you and Maleficent. She must be quite happy with her C&C cage. :)
  9. tobyandheidi

    Behavior Not Use to my hands

    Yes, this is completely normal. Because guinea pigs are natural prey animals, their instincts are to run no matter what. They do trust you, but again - natural instincts. It's nothing personal. I've heard of only a couple people that just got lucky and their piggies come to their name and don't...
  10. tobyandheidi

    I need help finding my new piggie a name!

    What about Charlotte? She looks like a Charlotte. :love:
  11. tobyandheidi

    Play What Toys Should I Add to my Guinea Pig's Cage?

    I have a cardboard box hidey, a pvc pipe, a castle, and a tissue box stuffed with hay in my guinea pigs' cage. They seem to love those, my little Heidi runs through the pipe quite often throughout the day. This has been a helpful topic for me as well, I'm thinking of getting a couple wicker...
  12. tobyandheidi

    Hi Everyone Im New Here!

    Awww! She looks just like my little Heidi <3 welcome!!
  13. tobyandheidi

    Hello! Searching for piggies

    Thanks so much for the information. An update on the situation, I am having trouble wikking the fleece but looking for something not harmful to strip them. Until I can figure it out, I will not be adopting LuLu and the pup (yet). I want to make sure their home is 100% ready and comfortable...
  14. tobyandheidi

    C&C My cage is complete!! Time for pictures :)

    Looks awesome! Love all the colors. Glad to hear your girls are settling in. :)
  15. tobyandheidi

    Hello! Searching for piggies

    Okay, thank you. I imagined that the baby would be more difficult to tame considering the age, but I'm willing to be patient and work with her. I've been trying to read up as much as possible about guinea pigs so I don't do anything wrong.