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Recent content by Sorcha

  1. Sorcha

    Pellets LM Animal Farms?

    Has anyone used this brand of food. I can't really find any information about it and was wondering if it's healthy for guinea pigs. Lately I've been buying their stuff from Tractor Supply Co. This is the only brand of food they have...
  2. Sorcha

    Mounting 2 females

    I thought that's what it was. This has been going on for several weeks now, so will they stop when they establish dominance. Delilah is definitely the dominant so shouldn't this be established by now?
  3. Sorcha

    Mounting 2 females

    I'm not sure if this is a dominance thing or what, but... One of my females (Delilah) keeps trying to hump the other (Juliet). Sometimes Juliet will back up to Delilah and spread her legs like she's waiting to be mounted. When I got them they said they were female. I have repeatedly checked...
  4. Sorcha

    I'm now guinea pig-less.

    I'm sorry she passed and hope you feel better soon. I think if you feel you're ready adopting new piggies can help you through the grieving process.
  5. Sorcha

    Blog Does anyone get asked,"These are YOUR pigs!" Is there an age limit?

    I'm 21 and occasionally get a few strange looks and questions about keeping piggies. I don't really mind it though. I did get pretty pissed when one of my friends called them useless pets. :mad: Apparently to her only cats and dogs are good pets.
  6. Sorcha

    Fleece Fleece smells

    Thanks guys. :heart: We have more uhual places close to us than I thought. A few have furniture pads and they're made from recycled denim. They also have quilted pads. Which ones do I use?
  7. Sorcha

    Grids Question about danger of grids

    I have shorter walls than you do, but they'll put their front feet up on the cloroplast and look out. They occasionally chew on the grids. I have the 9X9 grids so they can't get their heads through.
  8. Sorcha

    Fleece Fleece smells

    I do a full clean every weekend. Do you have to order uhaul pads or can you go to the uhaul rental places and buy them? I don't have a kitchen area. In the kitchen area do you still use fleece or put bedding in there?
  9. Sorcha

    Fleece Fleece smells

    Ok so I have 2 females in a 2X4 cage. I sweep up their poops everyday and use 5 layers of towels underneath the fleece. The cage stinks. Their in the living room and as soon as you open the door you can smell them. I've checked and the fleece is wicking. So do uhaul pads or furniture pads...
  10. Sorcha

    As a photography student

    I wish I had photoshop so I could edit these. Anyways the calico is Posy and the tortie is Luna.
  11. Sorcha

    As a photography student

  12. Sorcha

    Behavior Do you Kiss your piggies???

    Both of my ladies lick me. Usually my arms and hands. Occasionally my cheek if they wander up onto my shoulder. I kiss the tops of their heads. Though I've accidentally gotten noses on occasion when they've moved to sniff my face.
  13. Sorcha

    Floor Time/Lap Time

    Depending on the kind of time I have... They get floor time in their playpen. I'll sit in there with them and feed them each a carrot. Then Delilah will get out of my lap and Juliet stays for a bit. Then after a while I'll get out and just let then run around and chew the boxes I give them...
  14. Sorcha

    Ricky Gervais speaks Guinea Pig

    That's fantastic. :D
  15. Sorcha

    Veg*n Help with Tofu!

    Just wanted to say that while I was at Publix yesterday I saw that they have several types of Tofu and Tempeh.