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Recent content by solsjenitsyn

  1. solsjenitsyn

    Scandinavia Help!

    No, I haven't, but I heard that they don't sell them anymore. I'll check it out and then I'll write again :)
  2. solsjenitsyn

    Scandinavia Help!

    Hej! A couple of days ago I "only" had 9 pigs. But then, a lady knocked on my door and said that her friend had four pigs that she couldn't look after anymore, and she wondered if I would like to take care of them. Slave to the pig as I am, I couldn't refuse, so now I have 13 pigs.. This means...
  3. solsjenitsyn

    Mexico & South America Help to find material for building a cage

    Hi! I'm not actually from Mexico, I'm from Sweden, but you'll understand why I'm posting here soon :) I can't seem to find any material for building a cage here in Sweden. But, here's the thing. I'm going to Mexico, to Cancun, to my cousins wedding in may, and so I was wondering if anyone...