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Recent content by SkywardPhie

  1. SkywardPhie

    RIP Pearl

    Earlier today pearl's tumor spread to her lung's. She would of only had two hour's to live so she was put to sleep today. So stay safe my little girl, we love you. And always will :love:
  2. SkywardPhie

    Comment by 'SkywardPhie' in media 'the new setup'

    I love your cage! It's so interesting! And Ksusha is so adorable!
  3. Pearl Getting Messy

    Pearl Getting Messy

    Just Pearl getting messy whilst being fed!
  4. SkywardPhie

    Blog Getting Messy! (Pigtures)

    I was giving pearl her 'afternoon snack' and she decided she wanted to spit it out all over her chin ^_^ So I took some lovely photo's!:love:(Please excuse her nail's. I've been trying to clip them for week's and she won't let me, So she's going to the vet with pippa to have a little pedicure...
  5. SkywardPhie

    General Pet Stores: At A Bit Of A Loss.........

    I go to the pet store to get the odd bit's and bob's! Everyone on here seem's to think pet stores are evil! All my animal's except my dog and three kitten's I got from the pet store! I got all my piggie's from there, And my two cat's! Don't feel bad at all, Rescuing a piggie is all fair and...
  6. SkywardPhie

    Conditions Help-I feel so bad :(

    Don't feel bad! A lot of owners have probably gone a bit longer with out cleaning! I know I have! My friend didn't clean her cage for a couple of day's and she had that white fungus patch, We weren't sure what it was so she scrubbed it off took her pig to the vet and he said he's fine just keep...
  7. SkywardPhie

    C&C New cage! [Pictures]

    That's a great idea! Originally I was going to tuck it an tape it down the sides and the back of the Correx, and then tap it to the bottom, (As I have newspaper underneath my shaving's) So they wouldn't get to it! But your idea is much better!
  8. SkywardPhie

    C&C New cage! [Pictures]

    So I have to downsize my cage for a while. :( It's a smidge bigger that 2 x 3. Sorry for the rubbish picture, I lost my charger for my camera -.- [Clever me] I still need to add bit's and piece's to make it prettier and stuff :) I was thinking about putting some wipe down material on that big...
  9. SkywardPhie

    Weight Loss Anorexic guinea pig! [Rather urgent.]

    The two teeth on the bottom of her mouth, I'm not sure if they are molar's, He did a full blood test nothing else was wrong,And extra tooth has grown on the side of her teeth, So it has to be clipped of. She's all ok now, She eating normally and the difference in her in just one night is...
  10. SkywardPhie

    Weight Loss Anorexic guinea pig! [Rather urgent.]

    The vet had to file down her teeth a two weeks ago, And they've grown back sort of wonky, I know guinea pig's can't be anorexic, I was in such a rush looking for thing's to boost up her weight I phrased it all wrong. She get's meadow hay our vet recommended it, There is a nurse at out vet's who...
  11. SkywardPhie

    Loss How to help a guinea pig through loss?

    Pearl is going to the vet's later today. And by looking at the situation we will probably have to put her down. Of course if there are other option's we will take them. But I need to be prepared mentally. I've lost two pig's in the past year and losing a third is going to be hard. But I also...
  12. SkywardPhie

    Weight Loss Anorexic guinea pig! [Rather urgent.]

    She went for a check-up two day's ago, and she's run her course of pain med's. We managed to get a vet appointment for 5.40 today, But I fear we are going to lose her. This would be the second pig I have lost to tooth issues. But thank you for you help!
  13. SkywardPhie

    Weight Loss Anorexic guinea pig! [Rather urgent.]

    Okay, One of my guinea pig's pearl is anorexic, I thought because Pippa was getting fatter, and Pearl smaller it was dominance, But it wasn't. But we took pearl to the vet she has a problem with her teeth. So the vet sorted that all out. But she put on weight. And then lost it. again? I'm taking...
  14. SkywardPhie

    C&C New cage!

    They are working now! Had some trouble, hahaha!
  15. SkywardPhie

    C&C New cage!

    Hehe, Thanks! And I was dabbling with the idea actually! :)