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Recent content by SFailed186

  1. SFailed186

    Sexing Is this a boy?

    It has been quite some time since I sexed a guinea pig, has been about four years since I last rescued. Is this a boy? This is before pressing on the area.
  2. SFailed186

    Skin Problems What is this???

    To me, it looks the the beginning of mange mites. I say this because one of my girls, Natalie, was just diagnosed with a severe case of mange mites and this is what she looked like when we first started to notice a problem. The severity increased rapidly and we had issues getting her to the vet...
  3. SFailed186

    I need help with my dogs.

    Hello! I've had my Chow Chow/Akita mix, Karma, for a little over a year now. She is about one and a half years old. Today, we picked up our newly adopted dog, Stella. Stella is around two years old. She was spayed yesterday and is being treated for Kennel Cough, so I am sure she is agitated...
  4. SFailed186

    need advice on the right pet

    Well, I cannot think of a single low-maintenance pet, that is, if you want to give them the absolute best care. Also, please do not buy from a pet store. Adopt instead. I have Zebra finches and they require less care than the guinea pigs, but they are not exactly an animal you can cuddle. But, a...
  5. SFailed186

    New From Ohio

    Welcome to the forums! I am a fellow Ohioan. :) Have you heard of This Little Piggy & Me? They are based in a suburb called Forest Park, Ohio. It's a family owned rescue based in a couples home, so you must make an appointment to see their adoptables. I have not been able to visit them yet, but...
  6. SFailed186

    story time!

    I've run into people in the veggie section at Meijers and they have commented on my entire cart full of veggies before asking what they were for and I told them "my guinea pigs". Shockingly, the people would reply saying something to the extent of, "Wow, we're not the only ones." or whatever...
  7. SFailed186

    Aggression Is this normal? And how do we fix it?

    You can try a Buddy Bath if you'd like, but I am not sure how much it will help. You do need to put them back together and keep an extremely close eye on them for a little while. If you continue to separate then reunite, then that will cause even more issues. They have to work out these issues...
  8. SFailed186

    Grooming Hair discoloration?

    Has she been in sunlight often? That could be why. You know how during the summer we get natural highlights in our hair because of the sunlight? Same concept. My newest girl is red, but since she has been in the sun more, her butt hair is more blond than red.
  9. SFailed186

    Diet will not eat its food

    You're welcome. I truly hope that you take your guinea pig to a vet immediately rather than waiting around for your usual vet. Please keep us updated! Good luck!
  10. SFailed186

    Pellets Confusion on freezing pellets

    Lately, we have been informed it is not actually necessary to freeze pellets as long as that are in an air-tight container and kept in a cool, dark place. However, you could freeze them if you like.
  11. SFailed186

    Diet will not eat its food

    Do you feed your guinea pig hay? He needs to have an unlimited access to fresh hay 24/7. This will help to control the growth of his teeth. He needs to have his teeth trimmed immediately. I think it is in your guinea pigs best interest to be taken to a new vet just for this procedure instead of...
  12. SFailed186

    Comment by 'SFailed186' in media 'First meal'

    Yes, your cage is too small. The second level does not count for overall square footage. The ramp tends to take away space, actually. I used to have three pigs in a 2x5 and it was much too small for them. They were unable to run laps in such a narrow cage.
  13. SFailed186

    Lethargy help, my piggys are sick and 2 died rapidly!

    Both pigs need to see a true cavy savvy vet immediately. The fact that they are not eating or pooping is extremely serious! When guinea pigs get to this point, it a good predictor that they might not last much longer. Guinea pigs only show symptoms when the illness is at it worst in order to...
  14. SFailed186

    C&C Smelly Cages

    Spot cleaning means scooping out soiled clumps of bedding and then replacing it with fresh bedding periodically, most people do it daily. You could buy one of the smaller bags for this. When you clean the cage, do you wash everything, like, plastic hideys and everything? My pigloos smell if I...
  15. SFailed186

    Forages Can grass be fed as a substitute?

    Oh, I misunderstood you. I am pretty sure grass cannot substitute veggies because they need a wide variety of them. To be sure, I'd ask Ly.