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  1. Sballin

    Rehoming Anyone in the Livingston, Louisiana area looking for 2 pigs that need a better home?

    Hey all, a lady on facebook is selling these two gorgeous pigs, and usually I wouldn't think anything of it but the poor pigs are in a horribly dirty small cage and she doesn't even know what gender they are!! I asked the gender and she said 'I think males, if you want them we can make a deal' I...
  2. Sballin

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Questions!

    My pigs are in my room and I still managed to make room for a 2x4 with a loft.... Even one pig shouldnt be confined to a pet store cage its really not fair to the pig. Even if you cant build à c&c there are alternatives like midwest cages which are definitely better then a pet store one
  3. Sballin

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Questions!

    Welcome to thé forum! A couple things you need to know, yes your piggy needs a friend! Its really not hard to take care of two its no different then having one really plus your pig will be so much happier! Since you have a girl introductions will more than likely go smooth, girls are easier to...
  4. Sballin

    Play What tunnels should I use?

    I made this tunnel out of a bent grid and then looped fleece in and out the holes and tied it together until it was covered so they would feel safe in it, my pigs love it! If you have an extra grid and fleece it's super easy and doesn't cost anything :) here is a picture of it.
  5. Sballin

    Cage Hay rack made out of grids

    Does anyone have a hay rack made out of grids? I have a whole bunch of extra grids and I want to get a second hay rack I'd rather not spend money if I can just make one. If anyone has one can you post a pic for me please so I can see how it's made?
  6. Sballin

    Comment by 'Sballin' in media 'Honey'

    Beautiful piggy!! I just love her!
  7. Sballin

    Sad Is my poor guinea pig bloated?

    Any update? Do you know for sure if she's pregnant or not? Just curious :)
  8. Sballin

    Chewing Pigs chewing on grids and fleece

    I just made my C&C about a week ago and I've noticed my pigs chewing on the grids a lot, there's part of paint missing on grids and everything, also I've seen both of them chewing on the fleece. I try to discourage them from doing it when I see them but of course I'm not around 24/7 to catch...
  9. Sballin

    Genitals Guinea pig miscairrage

    Just read this whole thread. I'm so glad lelia is doing ok after that that which I'm sure for her was a tramatic experience. I agree with what everyone said she might wanna walk because of pain, after that many babies she has to be hurting. I also thing it might be a good idea to get a vets...
  10. Sballin

    Comment by 'Sballin' in media 'Nelly'

    She is adorable!!
  11. Sballin

    New owner with a gender question!

    Lmao this is hilarious, pigs are such drama queens/kings.
  12. Sballin

    Sounds Piggy making weird noises when she eats, almost like hiccups..

    Thank for for the reassurance :) I was worried because I had never heard it before but she stopped after a few minutes and she seems fine, I googled it and pigs can get hiccups if they don't swallow there food properly. It scared me for a minute though just wanted to make sure it was normal!
  13. Sballin

    Sounds Piggy making weird noises when she eats, almost like hiccups..

    My girl Jasper is in her loft right now eating hay, which is right next to my bed so I can see and hear her perfectly, and she's making this strange noise while she eats it almost sounds like she has hiccups, I know I sound dumb but do gubiea pigs get hiccups?? I've never heard either girl make...
  14. Sballin

    Sad Is my poor guinea pig bloated?

    Also I would go ahead and sperate teddy just encase until you know for sure the sex.
  15. Sballin

    Sad Is my poor guinea pig bloated?

    She definitely looks pregnant to me also. Like someone said considering her age it may be hard on her if she is and this is her first litter. If I were you I'd have another talk with your mom about bringing her to the vet, that way you can confirm if she is pregnant and also get teddy sexed...