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Recent content by sannie

  1. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    I haven't heard from Oxbow yet, although they say to respond within 48 hours...
  2. sannie

    im wondering about.....

    I am 28/female... originally from Germany but residing in Cali currently.
  3. sannie

    convincing parents

    I think you did great work!! I could never convince my parents to get me a pet when I was younger, but I sure have to admit that I didn't put all the effort in that you did. I think that could be really convincing!! One more thought (I don't know if you included that in your essay): They...
  4. sannie

    avatar help

    yeah!!! you're welcome ;-)
  5. sannie

    avatar help

    If you have microsoft office picture manager on your computer, just open the picture and go to "edit picture" and select" resize"... than you can customize the size of your image.
  6. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    Yeah... I am gonna write them. Will let you guys know what their response is.
  7. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    Mmh... maybe under customer service??
  8. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    I think that is a wonderful idea ;-) Do they have a contact on their side? (I haven't checked)
  9. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    But you'll agree that it lets room for speculation... also, I think the members of this forum agreed that they are not the best pets to keep in a child's bedroom. I don't want to be judgmental, but reading this (although it's not really specific) might lead people to think it's an "easy...
  10. sannie

    Success Story!!!

    neat story... I hope the store learned its lesson.
  11. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    I know that Oxbow Pet Products are recommended by many guinea pig owners, but actually I was a little surprised to read this A guinea pig does not require a lot of space, so it is an ideal pet for a child's bedroom or for a person living in an apartment. under oxbow critters.
  12. sannie

    what's this all about

    That sounds great, CavyCrazyMom... keep us posted!
  13. sannie

    My piggies ate their veggies today!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for that info, Cheri! Very helpful!
  14. sannie

    what's this all about

    I had a Petco ad in the mail today and there was this special column "Think about adoption first". I also went to a Petco last weekend just to look around and they had all these adoptable pets there from a near-by shelter. Since everyone is saying "No to Petco"... what do you think about this?
  15. sannie

    moving to a different country

    I heard from someone that on international flights they actually have an own compartment for pets which makes traveling for them less stressful (although I agree it might be still very stressful for them!). Has anyone heard about that?