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Recent content by Rywen

  1. Rywen

    Treats Change to Oxbow Veggie treats?

    My two only like the oxbow veggie treat ones. They aren’t getting them for now, not until I rule them out as the cause of Bacon’s bladder stones. Bacon’s vet managed to get the stone out of his ureter on Thursday, and his kidney wasn’t damaged from the ureter being mostly blocked, so that was...
  2. Rywen

    Treats Change to Oxbow Veggie treats?

    Hi All! I still pop in to see what’s going on every once in a while. Recently Oxbow changed the size and thickness of their veggie treats? Does anyone know if they changed the ingredients or formulation of those ingredients at the same time? I ask because Bacon (3.75yo neutered boar) suddenly...
  3. Rywen

    Sad Another Kijiji Rescue

    Oh my, poor baby, thank goodness she’s with you now! I so glad you went and got her.
  4. Rywen

    Chat Happy National Pet Day

    I did a photo shoot with Penny, Trixie and Bacon for National Pet Day. Bacon Penny Trixie
  5. Rywen

    Bonding Colonel Mustards amazing New Year!

    I’m so happy for both of them! Penny’s 6th birthday is today, she’s plagued by bladder cystitis and UTIs, no stones though, thank goodness. Happy New Year!
  6. Rywen

    Behavior Ginger and Checkers close call

    Know that you’re not alone, I had to call animal poison control once after Ferb ate a tulip leaf. Apparently if he had eaten the bulb or flower it would have been bad. He was okay after eating the tulip leaf (which still doesn’t mean anyone should ever feed tulip leaves to their guinea pig)...
  7. Rywen

    Sick Trixie’s Medical Thread

    Well, Trixie is fine. She had gotten lettuce stuck in her throat. It’s cleared now. She had either coughed it up or swallowed it by the time I woke up today. I had the vet check Trixie anyway. Then I got a lecture on giving antibiotics (@bpatters you’re totally right) even though I already...
  8. Rywen

    Sick Trixie’s Medical Thread

    Why do our piggies always get sick in the middle of the night? 10:30pm when I gave Bacon & Penny meds and all 3 vitamin C and lettuce Trixie seemed fine. I heard her choke on some lettuce. Trixie chokes on her veggies fairly often, her vets have never been able to find a physical cause...
  9. Rywen

    Conditions Bacon’s Medical Thread

    spy9doc I’m not suspecting anything environmental at this point, although an air purifier may not be a bad idea just in case. This whole thing with Bacon started last winter when he managed to yank the syringe with the liquid vitamin C out of my hand and aspirate some of it at the same time...
  10. Rywen

    Conditions Bacon’s Medical Thread

    Just FYI, I had asked about feeding Bacon a veggie while he’s in the nebulizer container and the vet tech said not to in case the misted medications accumulate on the veggie and he ingests them. I don’t think they can ingest gentocin safely? I’m not sure about the steroid (acetylcysteine)? So...
  11. Rywen

    Conditions Bacon’s Medical Thread

    So it turns out Bacon does not have an enlarged heart. He does have an arrhythmia, but no heart murmur. The veterinary cardiologist was able to image the left side of his heart better than the right side. The size of Bacon’s left atrium and ventricle are normal for his size. My poor little guy...
  12. Rywen


    I use Small Pet Select paper bedding, the brown (not the white) if you’re looking for an alternative to the carefresh brand. You can buy it at smallpetselect.com or amazon.com .
  13. Rywen

    Lethals Baby sow Lethal?

    You mentioned a bald spot on her head, is she a crested breed, like Penny in this picture? It looks like a small bald spot on the top of the head with the fur growing in a whorl around it.
  14. Rywen

    Diet Advice on guinea pig diets!

    Child Life Vitamin C liquid is 1 ml per (adult) pig per day, according to Stahl Exotics (SEAVS).
  15. Rywen

    Diet Advice on guinea pig diets!

    This is what my piggies take for vitamin C, it’s the one their exotics vet sells. They think it’s a treat and squabble over who gets theirs first every night.