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Recent content by rhonda_j1954

  1. rhonda_j1954

    I rescued him... and almost threw up.

    That is truly a heart breaking story all the way around. The good news is, you got him out of a bad living situation. I do hope you little one makes it. Hope you can get him to the vet, and he can give him something to make him feel better. My heart goes out to both him and you.:heart:
  2. rhonda_j1954

    Where do you keep your piggies?

    I keep my little girl Hope in our dining area. It is open to where you see the kitchen and living room area too. So she gets plenty of interaction from me, my son, and husband. And even our Golden Retriever, Clifford will stop by her cage and say " Hi!"lol Of course, he saids it in his own way...
  3. rhonda_j1954

    Is this just a female piggie thing?

    Sometimes when I take her out of her cage, and I am holding her, she will nip and try to bite me. Is there a way to get her not to do that? Also, last night I took her out of her cage, and was sitting on the couch with her, and had my fleece blanket on me. I put her on it, then brought some...
  4. rhonda_j1954

    Please help me! My girl is acting funny

    Sounds like you are being the perfect little mom to her. :heart: If the meds are making her sleep, maybe that is what she needs right now. Since she is getting over an illness, rest maybe be very good for her. But if she is eating also, that is a good sign she is recovering. Looks like you are...
  5. rhonda_j1954

    Babies, babies, babies!

    They are definiately cute and adorable. I bet you are proud of your little family.:D I think the names you picked out are great. They seem to suit them. But if you feel you want to change them, that is fine too. That is the first time I have ever seen new born piggies. Wonder what it would be...
  6. rhonda_j1954

    Comment by 'rhonda_j1954' in media 'Mama and baby'

    Mom and baby seem to be doing well. That is the first time I have ever seen a baby piggie. So sweet, so cute.
  7. rhonda_j1954

    Please help me! My girl is acting funny

    I am so happy to hear about your little one doing so well.:heart: Thanks for sharing the good news. Ya know, in many ways our little piggies are like our children. But the thing is, when they hurt, or not feeling well, they can't really tell us what is wrong so that we know what to do. You...
  8. rhonda_j1954

    Please help me! My girl is acting funny

    Bless her little piggie heart!:heart: I sure hope that little girl will be okay. Glad you were able to get her to the vet. I know how tramatic that must have been for you. Sounds like the both of you could use a little rest. Do take care of yourself, and that little girl of yours. Hope she gets...
  9. rhonda_j1954

    Comment by 'rhonda_j1954' in media 'Our Little Princess'

    She is a cutie alright. I like what she is sitting in. Did you make it? Or buy it some where. I would love to get my little girl Hope one, or some kind of cozy.
  10. rhonda_j1954

    My Boys- Some funny Pigtures!

    How adorable!:heart: Your boys are so cute. I bet they are fun to watch. Do they get along pretty well together?
  11. rhonda_j1954

    Babies, babies, babies!

    Aw! Congradulations!:D I have never seen new born baby piggies. Looking foreword to seeing the pics. So how is mom and babies doing? Hope they are doing great. How exciting for you! I bet they are so precious to see.:heart:
  12. rhonda_j1954

    Please help me! My girl is acting funny

    " Hang in there, hon!" I can only imagine how upsetting this is for you. My heart goes out for you.:sorry: I hope your little one will be alright and you can get her some help. Please let us know how she is.
  13. rhonda_j1954

    Is this just a female piggie thing?

    I have had Hope for about a couple of months. I do not think she is pregnant. She was fairely young when I got her, about 7 weeks or so I was told. I did get her at a pet store in Soldotna where I live. At the time I got her, I did not know much or where to get guinea pigs. And where I live, do...
  14. rhonda_j1954

    Is this just a female piggie thing?

    Lately my little Hope has been somewhat on the bratty side. I could use the other"B" word, but " bratty" might be a little more appropriate for here. Anyway, when I have picked her up out of her cage lately, she gets to where she does not want to be held. She will try and bite, and a few times...
  15. rhonda_j1954

    Stressed Out

    I am so sorry to hear about your little piggie being so sick. I guess I never realized all those kinds of things can happen to one little piggie.:sorry: Poor little thing. Hope you find something that will help her real soon. I can only imagine how stressed this could make you. Take care, and...