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Recent content by pinky

  1. pinky

    Frustrated Shared expenses for guineapigs between my BF and I

    Pay their expenses. When you break up, he could want to take them but if you're sole provider, they're all yours. My guess is, he's probably not keen on them and hope the burden of paying for them will make you reconsider keeping them. I think it's different when you're married or single. It's...
  2. pinky

    Cleaning Looking for upright vacuum

    I use it all the time and don't even use my Dyson anymore. The thing I like the best about the Shark is how lightweight it is. The extra attachments are a big plus and the long cord makes it easy to do the stairs and multiple rooms without unplugging it to move it. Best vacuum I've ever owned...
  3. pinky

    looking to adopt two females would greatly prefer spayed! columbia,MO

    Wow! You're really lucky to have a vet who only charges you that much.
  4. pinky

    looking to adopt two females would greatly prefer spayed! columbia,MO

    I'm curious what your adoption fee is for spayed females. Do you have a vet who donates services for you? I'd imagine a spay would be an expensive procedure and you'd be lucky if you have someone who gives you a break on the cost.
  5. pinky

    Frustrated I don't know what to do about this

    I'd let your dad handle it. Give your dad information about proper care and nutrition for guinea pigs and ask your dad to pass it along to him. Depending on your age, his friend might not take you seriously. Your dad would probably have more influence on him than you would. Taking some probably...
  6. pinky

    Aggression problem between adult guinea and babies

    When you have multiples, the dynamics can change, even after they've established dominance. Last year, I brought in a new young female, Pinky. The dominant one, Ditto, was was immediately challenged by the other guinea pig from the original pair, Fish Fry. It was swift and over and done with...
  7. pinky

    Level of Effort? A friend for Henry? (question about a long haired breed and buying from Craigslist)

    I've owned most breeds with the exception of skinnies. Personally, I think Americans are the easiest to care for. I've owned a lot of teddies and I love them but they're prone to skin disorders due to their dense fur. My Americans have been the healthiest and of all the breeds I've owned. The...
  8. pinky

    Level of Effort? A friend for Henry? (question about a long haired breed and buying from Craigslist)

    I've had three texels and resorted to cutting their hair short to keep them tidy. Personally, I wouldn't get another texel due to the amount of grooming they needed. Short haired ones are a lot easier to care for.
  9. pinky

    Sad Give away or keep?

    They have each other for company. As long as they're housed in an adequate sized cage that's kept clean and they have a well balanced diet, I wouldn't be concerned. Most people either have school or a work so they're guinea pigs a lot of time without them around.
  10. pinky

    Hay how to conserve hay?

    Eating and burrowing in the hay are both parts of the total experience for guinea pigs. I don't consider that wasting the hay but rather enjoying it to the max.
  11. pinky

    Behavior Let new pigs stay in hidey or force them to be brave?

    Welcome, MadScienceMum. I was trying to get a closer look at your little ones. I'd love to see more photos.
  12. pinky

    Impaction Is Walnut Litter Safe or is it too risky?

    I wouldn't use it. Can you post a photo of your cage so we can see how big it is? Guinea pigs can't be litter trained. Sometimes they'll find a spot that they prefer to use but since they poop all the time, even when they sleep, there will be dropping in different areas of the cage. Your best...
  13. pinky

    Media Illegal to Own Just One Guinea Pig in Switzerland

    I didn't see anything specific to guinea pigs. My guess is, it's related to breeding or lab animals and the law is meant to offer some protection to them. A lot of our animal rights laws are written vaguely which makes enforcement difficult and subject to the discretion of those who enforce the...
  14. pinky

    What breed? New baby girl

    Depending upon whether her hair grows longer or not, she's probably a Silkie or Silkie mix.
  15. pinky

    Cleaning Cannot afford carefresh bedding, what's the best alternative bedding?

    Kiln dried pine is an alternative that's cheaper than Carefresh. I you use fleece, you need an absorbent layer and you have to factor in paying for laundry detergent. If you rent, there's an added cost of paying for using the washer and dryer. I hope you have funds set aside for emergency vet...