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Recent content by pigmommy89

  1. pigmommy89

    Not Eating Snickers Medical Thread

    Typically it is done under gas anesthesia and they wake up as soon as they are taken off the gas. 30 minutes sounds about right.
  2. pigmommy89

    Sexing Confirm sex of guinea pig?

    Looks like a girl to me.
  3. pigmommy89

    Sexing 3 week old baby please help!

    It's a girl!
  4. pigmommy89

    Behavior Is Poop as well contained in a 1x2 loft over 2x3 formation as a regular 2x4?

    They potty the most where they eat. So if you feed them in the loft you will contain some of it. But you will likely never completely potty train them. They go where they want. But I wouldn't make the main floor smaller. They need room to run around.
  5. pigmommy89

    Genitals Help determining gender of piggie

    That's a male.
  6. pigmommy89

    C&C Anybody have a 4x6?

    I have one. You have to climb in to clean it but they love it. It also has a 2×4 loft where most of the hay is kept.
  7. pigmommy89

    How Many? Do I keep a mom and baby together?

    Mother daughter pairs work very well. Usually, since Mom is older and bigger she is automatically the boss. Sometimes "teenage" daughters will challenge her for dominance but it is usually settled quickly and without injury.
  8. pigmommy89

    Chat Guinea pig YouTubers?

  9. pigmommy89

    What breed? Help identify color and breed! And bonding tips!

    He looks like a young California pattern piggy. It's one of the newer varieties. They look like himalayan but have dark eyes. The body can also be red or cream. The points come in more as they get older. If he doesn't develop points, he could just be a dark eyed white with dark ears.
  10. pigmommy89

    Sexing Help Determining Gender

    Definitely a male.
  11. pigmommy89

    Please help with sexing..

    I'm seeing all girls.
  12. pigmommy89

    Introductions New additions- Surprise Boy!

    Be aware that weight is the main issue for anesthesia. The smaller a pig is, the more difficult it is for them to maintain their body temperature under anesthesia. That's why most vets will want to wait until they're a little older.
  13. pigmommy89

    Infection Fungal infection or excessive grooming?

    That looks like fungus to me. A little athlete's foot cream should clear it up. Just apply twice a day and rub it in well.
  14. pigmommy89

    Sexing Sexing my new pigs please help

    Both girls.
  15. pigmommy89

    Mounting 1 and a half week old babies mounting?

    They're just practicing. Leave them with mom for three weeks.