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  1. PiggieMom

    Two bonded females in Michigan

    Rogue and Penny were adopted today by MaryGoodnight. Thanks!
  2. PiggieMom

    Two bonded females in Michigan

    We are willing to drive quite a distance if you have any kind of serious interest.
  3. PiggieMom

    Two bonded females in Michigan

    For adoption: Two female guinea pigs (neither are spayed). One pig is black and white and is at least five years old, her name is Rogue. The other pig is an orange and white abby named Penny. She is less than two. Rogue and Penny are a bonded pair and MUST go together. They’re both sweet...
  4. PiggieMom

    Behavior I've never seen her do this... is it normal?

    Was she recently eating? She may have had something caught in her throat that she was working out.
  5. PiggieMom

    C&C Side Walls

    They keep poos in the cage and make extra sure that little legs cannot slip through the floor and get caught between the coro and grid. I'd leave at least a small lip.
  6. PiggieMom

    Craigslist Post in Response to G-Force

    I posted this. We'll see if it's up when I come back from camping on Monday. What a great idea.
  7. PiggieMom

    Having a VERY hard time finding adoptables!

    Have you contacted any of the rescues that are too far away for you to drive to? Some will help transport or they might have fosters that are close to you. Also, have you called your local humane societies? The ones local to me do not post anything but cats and dogs online (and even then they...
  8. PiggieMom

    Breeding Are my piggiies going to die!?!?!?!

    Like Ly said, there's a very high chance of complication during pregnancy and/or birth for both the sows and pups. One in five sows die giving birth. What is done is done, but I do hope you have learned to never breed again. The best thing you can do is to read about proper care for guinea pigs...
  9. PiggieMom

    Behavior How long to wait before getting a new friend?

    Since you lost him to a contagious disease, I'd wait a few weeks to make sure your remaining pig is healthy. Make sure to weigh him at the same time everyday to make sure he's still eating enough. Try to change around his cage and give him extra floor time to stimulate him. Once you're sure he's...
  10. PiggieMom

    Only get veggies at lap time?

    I agree with Goob. It's fine to give them some veggies during laptime, but guinea pigs are foragers and it's best they can take their time to eat their meals in their cage.
  11. PiggieMom

    Where else to list?

    Other good resources: http://www.guinealynx.info/ The Pigloo Forums :: Index Guinea Pig Adoption Network Other free classifieds are out there too, like The Freecycle Network. There are the same drawbacks of craigslist obviously.
  12. PiggieMom

    Reference Care: Taming Scared Pigs

    She was probably just tasting you.
  13. PiggieMom

    So Frustrating

    I also live in an apartment and I've kept a 45lb box of hay from KMs hayloft in the bottom of a small closet. It's pretty compact the way it gets packed. I just had to be careful not to get too much on my clothes! I now keep it in a large plastic trash bin next to my fridge.
  14. PiggieMom

    General My first guinea pig

    You could use it as a kitchen area as some members have, but you really need to build at least a 2x3 for the main floor (whether that be the top or bottom floor). Building up doesn't count for the space requirements because those requirements are for running room.
  15. PiggieMom

    Vegetables Broccoli Stalk

    I have a pig that will only eat the leaves of parsley and cilantro. They certainly can pick up some strange habits.