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Recent content by new2piggs

  1. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    sherri86. I want to keep them all too! I've found homes for four and we are keeping two. We are keeping the two pink eyed whites that were born this morning. My kids instantly fell in love with them :) We will have the male neutered since we had three of each sex and I can't stand to re-home...
  2. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    So maybe this is a dumb question but I have no idea about Sprint's genetics or the male that she was bred to. Could my pups be lethal? They seem fine. Both have two pink eyes and all the teeth seem to be there. Sprint doesn't appear to have any roan in her but is it possible it's in her genes?
  3. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    They're here!!! Two little angels born this morning.
  4. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Also here are the two "boys"
  5. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Hi everyone! Lisa and her pups are doing great! Sprint is still pregnant (two weeks later). I'd expect labor any second though haha. So initially I thought Lisa had two male and two female pups. Now I'm second guessing myself. Anyone wanna take a gander? I'm thinking the red one is...
  6. new2piggs

    Hay Farmers hay??

    Does anyone get hay directly from a farm or feed store? What do I look for and what do I avoid? I live in farm land central but have been buying from SPS.
  7. new2piggs

    Won't Eat Veggies New guinea pigs, one won't eat veggies!

    Are you offering hay as well? I would say just give him some time to get used to you. If it's still an issue you can take the other guy out for floor time while the shy guy gets a chance to eat.
  8. new2piggs

    Skin Problems Red bald patch on back!!

    Looks like ringworm to me too. Two of my girls had it back in October and it looked just like that.
  9. new2piggs

    Pregnancy Too young for pregnancy?

    I hope the baby starts eating and does great! You're doing everything you can to take care of them.
  10. new2piggs

    Pregnancy Possibly pregnant Piggy, vet didn't take me seriously, input appreciated

    Congratulations! I'm glad everything worked out okay for Rosie! That little white pup is gorgeous!
  11. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Shieme. I hope the boys go together too. But if someone has a lone boar and only wants one boy I will consider that home. The little guy with the white blaze seems to be everyone's favorite. There's just something about him. And I think it's actually preferable to have boars together since...
  12. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Kelsie I don't even think she's getting a slap on the wrist. She signed over all the animals to animal control. I don't know for sure though because they can't tell me. She also had four pitbulls that she signed over and as of yesterday three had been adopted! :) Apparently they were never...
  13. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Kelsie apparently she made her living breeding rats and guinea pigs. :(. The rats were in much worse shape than the guinea pigs and fortunately a rat rescue stepped in for them. Thank you so much Guinea Pig Papa for the kind words. I'm hopeful that Sprint will do alright. Her pelvic bones...
  14. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    CavyTV. I have a home lined up with a great family that I've known for 6 years and they have promised that they will give them back to me if they decide they can't keep them. But that's just for the two boys right now. I may end up with the girls. We will see. I have a 70 SQ foot cage for...
  15. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Thanks Kelsie and CavyTV. The pups have already won over everyone in my house. Lisa is a great mom. The woman who had them all called the shelter and asked for the pups back because she had a waiting list for them :( !!! That makes me so sad. I'm scared to even attempt to re-home them to...